Venosa as the Italian capital of culture is discussed


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – The procedures for managing the candidacy of the Municipality of Venosa for the prestigious recognition of Italian Capital of Culture for the year 2022 was severely contested by most of the political groups present in the City Council which, during a meeting in which the procedures to be respected were discussed, they agreed to launch a joint initiative to bring the action of the Municipality back to the furrow of correctness and widespread participation, so far attested almost exclusively to the Mayor and the City Council.

The position taken by the political groups present at the meeting is linked to a question of responsibility towards the entire local community. As Matera teaches, the chances of success of these initiatives are directly linked to the level of involvement and protagonism of all political, social and economic components.

“The recognition ‘Italian capital of culture’ – explains in a note – for us is not a simple icon to add to the letterhead of the Municipality, but an important opportunity for the growth of the community, therefore, should necessarily involve the bodies of political representation expression of all citizens, starting from the City Council. To this end, the establishment of a permanent institutionalized forum for discussion and proposals “Towards Venosa, Italian capital of culture” is proposed. This Forum, in the event of unavailability by the Council , will be made up of all those who consider an important value, democratic and active participation as an instrument of social progress for the Venosine community “.

It seems strange – the representatives of the council groups maintain – that this administration in its program writes “our idea of ​​administration is based on active and shared participation: citizens must be placed at the center of the community and for the community” while, in fact, it does exactly the opposite, excluding and not sharing any action taken and developed in absolute solitude.


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