Verona Pooth tells of a brutal experience


In her new podcast, Verona Pooth tells of a bad encounter that she experienced at the beginning of her career as a model. It was only by luck that she escaped a brutal attack.

Verona Pooth has a fairly long career in show business. She talks about this and her private life in her podcast, which she records with her son San Diego. But in the current episode, Pooth, otherwise known as bright sunshine, has reached serious issues fairly quickly. She tells her 16-year-old son about a trip to Paris where she was attacked by a stranger.

The then 15-year-old had traveled to France with a friend, hoping to find a job as a model in the fashion metropolis. In the podcast, playfully called “Poothcast”, she tells San Diego: “I read that the best agencies are in Paris, so I told my girlfriend at the time that we were going to Paris now.” A photographer on the street had previously approached her.

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But instead of casting agents and star photographers, the two teenagers met a brutal attacker who pressed them. The two destitute teenagers had decided to spend the night at the central station to save money. In the middle of the night a strange man came and threatened them. He beat the girls, asked for money and finally even pulled out a knife, Pooth says: “I was so shocked. We were so scared and then he took out a knife and kept it on me. He said you’re coming out of the station with me now. ”

The situation was only saved by the chance that a young soldier came by and protected the two from the attacker. But the drama went even further on the metro, because Verona Pooth noticed how other men discussed their evil intentions: “They talked in French that they wanted to do something to my girlfriend Inge and me.” The soldier, who had already saved them from the first attacker, jumped aside for them a second time, so that this difficult situation also went off lightly for the two teenagers.

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The story had another happy ending because the brave helper asked the two girls for a favor as a thank you. His father, with whom he had broken up, happened to be the owner of an ice cream parlor in her hometown of Hamburg. He asked if they could send a greeting to the father, which they did when they returned. Pooth remembers that he had tears in his eyes when they told him about his son’s rescue in Paris. He hugged them both violently, she says in the podcast.

It should take a while before the big modeling career worked. In 1989 Verona, then called Feldbusch, was elected Miss Hamburg. Four years later, she was voted Miss Intercontinental World and in 1995 Miss American Dream. In the podcast she now tells of the not always easy beginnings of this career, which led to her colorful television and celebrity career.


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