“We are still in a pandemic, politics is ignorant of denial”


“We are still in the pandemic. There is talk of phase 2, of post Covid, but in reality we are stopped at 1. Someone did not understand that we got the flattening of the curve but we did not reset it. If we release the guard, just by stopping to use the mask when needed, we risk going back “. The alarm was raised by Walter Ricciardi, adviser to Minister Hope for the Covid emergency, in an interview with ‘la Repubblica’.

The expert also warns against the danger of the deniers. “They only damage when politics takes them into consideration. If you ignore them there are no problems, if you do as Bolsonaro or Trump you immediately notice the negative consequences. Decide by believing that the virus is not there, that it was born in the laboratory, that defeats with hydroxychloroquine and making wrong decisions has caused thousands of deaths. When, as Mattarella says, politics allies with science and ignores false news it saves lives. And it saves the economy. Even in that field the biggest problems those who ignored scientific truth had them. ”

As for the school “it must be reopened following an iron schedule – Ricciardi underlines – Here too one must be scientifically rigorous and organizationally strong. Let’s look at the Chinese protocols, on physical distancing, hygiene, individual behavior, which have worked. Who has not done so , like Israel and France, has had problems. School can be the center of civilian life and development but if it is not well managed it becomes the center of spread of the virus “.


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