“We can only apologize for not giving answers”


“We are working for the truth, I can say it with conviction because it is the intention of this government. It has been the case of the previous governments and it will be of the following ones, but it has already been said and we can say it also next year. This does not stop the passage of time that does not bring definitive answers, therefore now apologies are and only words that have a semblance of decency “. So the deputy minister of the interior, Vito Crimi on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Bologna massacre.

“To the pain of families is added that of the truth denied for almost half a century, it is a massacre left without complete truth,” he adds. “The imperative is to hurry – he explains – so that the truth emerges on the surface, to hurry because we cannot tolerate that those who have already suffered the loss of their loved one must suffer 40 years of omissions and sidetracks. to hide the truth. ” “Forty years weigh like a boulder and the only response from the institutions should have been: ‘Here is the complete truth’, he would not have erased the pain but told of a state close to the victims and family members”.

“In the face of the unchanging pain that does not know the oblivion of time – added Deputy Minister Crimi – one can only apologize for not having brought all the necessary and necessary answers here”.

“Today is the day in part of the apology for 40 years spent without a complete truth and also the day in which we recognize the commitment that there is, there has been and that will continue to exist for the search for a complete truth because this is the commitment we have, “said CRimi from the courtyard of Palazzo D’Accursio. “The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte – he adds – entrusted me with the task of following the Committee that is observing the complete implementation of the directive on the declassification of acts. We have already activated all the procedures to increase the capacity of that directive by reviewing the criteria, overcoming the critical issues that have also been highlighted today by Bolognesi and trying to expand also to elements that are transversal between all the massacres to look for that common thread, that subtle thread that unites so many criminal events in our country “. “It is on this – assures Crimi – that we are also working, the minister Bonafede, on the digitization of the judicial documents that allow a complete knowledge that is as easy and accessible as possible. These are concrete documents but obviously after forty years today we really owe the family members from this state to apologize and move forward with renewed commitment “.


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