“We do not live from the past, we are only concerned about the duel with Philadelphia”


Orlando (USA), Aug 2 (EFE) .- The Portland Timbers are already in the semifinals of the Returning Tournament of the Professional Soccer League (MLS) of the United States after defeating New York 3-1. City and its trainer, Venezuelan Giovanni Savarese, now only thinks about the duel that awaits him next Thursday against the Philadelphia Union.

“The most important thing is that we don’t take into account what the past is,” Savarese claimed during the post-game press conference against New York City. “Now we have to be ready to produce what is in front of us right now.”

Savarese assured that having reached the semifinal has only been possible thanks to the great work that all the players have done, without exception.

“We have reached this semifinal thanks to that collective effort, but now we must be aware that it will not be easy,” said Savarese. “If the duel against New York City was already difficult, because we played against a great team, what awaits us will be even more.”

However, Savarese also recognized that within the squad there are players with a lot of experience such as the Argentines Diego Valeri and Sebastián Blanco, along with the Colombian Diego Chará, who has been with the team since the 2011 season, can help them against the team of Philadelphia

“Without a doubt, the experience of the players, the depth, the union they have and the way they are training give us reason to think positively for the future,” said Savarese. “As a coach I am very proud of what they have contributed so far.”

Savarese reiterated that the experience of having already been MLS champions is also a plus that will help them know what it is to play important games.

“That experience, transmitted by players like Chará, Valeri and Sebas, among others, has helped to resolve matches, in addition to seeing an emotional balance for the group,” said Savarese. “Hopefully we will continue on the same line.”

But the Venezuelan coach insisted that the only concern they had to face and work would be none other than preparing for the duel with the Philadelphia team, which will be next Wednesday.

“I have no doubt that the match against Union will be quite a difficult match,” added Savarese.

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