“We will have to invent new ways of celebrating,” said a deputy mayor of Montreuil


While “free-parties” and other unauthorized events are developing, several municipalities are expressing their concern, particularly in the face of the health risk associated with coronavirus. But while the nightclubs have not reopened, and that many summer events have been canceled, “we will have to invent new ways to party”, estimated Sunday, August 2 on franceinfo Loline Bertin, deputy mayor of Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) to public tranquility and night life.

franceinfo: Are municipalities powerless in the face of this kind of wild event?

Loline Bertin: We are facing a phenomenon that we knew less about before, and which can be explained: we understand it by the need to meet, to party in a post-confinement setting, where the traditional events of the summer were canceled, where nightclubs have not reopened. We must therefore provide new answers: our duty is to support the nightlife, in compliance with the rules, induced first by the health crisis we are experiencing, and then by the tranquility of residents and respect of the environment.

Why did the city of Montreuil announce that it would systematically file a complaint following such events?

We lodged a complaint against the organizers at each occurrence of a “free-party” in Beaumonts Park. We did not do it out of gaiety of heart or because (…)

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