we will not leave Venice to Salvini


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – “We know the intertwining of interests and the obsessive organization of Brugnaro’s consensus which has led to an uneasy climate in the city. We still remember the warning: ‘We will mark our names’. Today Brugnaro is voting with a right-wing coalition. Allowing Salvini to rule Venice is a leap in the dark that we cannot afford. Today the center-left is united and my coalition is proof of this. ” So Pier Paolo Baretta, undersecretary of the MEF and candidate for mayor of Venice opening the election campaign today at the Cloister of the M9 in Mestre and presenting his team.

To support Baretta’s candidacy, a coalition made up of five lists (Democratic Party, Venice is yours, Svolta in Comune, Common Idea for Mestre and Venezia, Verde Progressista) to which is added the support of Action by Carlo Calenda. Five lists representing 12 parties and movements and mobilizing over 500 candidates, including city council and municipalities.

“Let’s not forget the sensational gap between promises and results of the outgoing administration: the lack of management of tourist flows, with the aborted attempt of turnstiles; the 30 thousand new residents promised in the city of water; the failure on the security front; the cementing and the consumption of soil; the large unfinished area of ​​the former Mestre hospital; the abandonment of a large part of the public housing stock, not to mention the Pili “, continued Baretta recalling” the failures and cracks “of the outgoing administration .

The candidate of the center-left coalition presented a program in which he set his vision for the city: “A Venice to rethink, alive, welcoming, safe and supportive. We want a city that cares about itself. A city, of the environment, lagoon and sustainable life. A city of culture, innovation and knowledge. A city of development, work and sustainable tourism. A city of citizens, well-being, safety. Four cardinal points of a only route. “

Representing the five lists of the center-left coalition, Monica Sambo, leader of the Democratic Party, outgoing city councilor; Massimiliano Zane, leader of Svolta in Comune; Paolo Vettorello, representative of the list “Venice is yours” which brings together Italia Viva, + Europa, PSI and the civic experience of Ugo Bergamo; Miriam Maria Parrino, representative of the civic list “Idea Comune”; Anna Messinis, vice-president of the municipality of Venice and candidate for the municipal council for the Green and Progressive list in which Article One, Green Europe, Italian Left, Possible and Communist Refoundation are confused.


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