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By now, you’ve probably already seen a good chunk of the series available on Netflix, and maybe you’ve even seen a ton of movies. The days of social distancing caused by the health crisis still mark much of our routine, leaving us long dead at home. What to fill it with?

If it is about finding lost gems, the world king of streaming … well, it also rules here. Perhaps they are titles that are not fashionable, or at first they did not attract your attention. But believe us, each one is interesting in their own way, and if you give them a second chance … who knows? Some of them could become your next marathon. The hidden gems on Netflix can surprise you and make these long quarantine afternoons more enjoyable.

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White Lines (2020)

Axel, Zoe Walker’s brother, is found dead, and almost two decades later she decides to travel to Ibiza to discover the truth behind his death. Created by Alex Pina (La Casa de Papel) as a co-production with the team of The CrownThis British-Spanish mystery thriller has only been on the air for a week, but has already received pretty good reviews. Filmed in the summer of 2019 in the Balearic Islands, the series has 10 episodes in its first season.


Trial by Media (2020)

If you like crime documentaries, this program could be the perfect complement to your watch list. The six-part series features independent episodes covering some memorable judgment in recent history. Each focuses on how media coverage framed the case and potentially impacted the verdict, or at least public sentiment. It begins with a murder case involving guests who appeared in The Jenny Jones Show, with all the fuss of the media surrounding the trial, thanks to its broadcast on Court TV. Other trials covered in the episodes include African immigrant Amadou Diallo, who was shot 41 by New York City police, and the Bernard Goetz subway shooting, which allegedly inspired a similar scene in The Joker.


The Five

The Five, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

This crime drama is the first television project based on the Harlan Coben books and only has 10 episodes in one season, so it can be a quick but fascinating marathon. Mark, Danny, Slade and Pru are four school friends who meet again when DNA evidence at the scene of a murder is linked to Jesse, Mark’s younger brother, who had disappeared 20 years ago. Could it be that Jesse was alive all that time? And he became a terrible criminal? Each episode raises questions about what really happened on the fateful night of her disappearance and whether the man who claimed to have kidnapped and killed Jesse actually did what he said.



Quantico, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

Originally broadcast on ABC, this thriller Dramatic is starred by Priyanka Chopra in the role of Alex, an FBI employee who becomes the prime suspect in a terrorist attack, forcing her to flee while trying to prove her innocence. The program, which alternates between the present and the past, had three seasons between 2015 and 2018. With QuanticoChopra was the first South Asian to head the cast of a drama on an American network.


Dirty Money

Dirty Money, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

The second season of this documentary was released on March 11, 2020. Each episode examines topics such as corporate corruption, securities fraud and creative accounting within companies that experienced questionable success or were engulfed in controversy. Season 1 covers stories like the Volkswagen emissions scandal and HSBC money laundering for the Sinaloa Cartel, while Season 2 covers things like the Wells Fargo scandal over fake accounts and Jared Kushner.



Between, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

Criticism didn’t like it, but apparently the public had a different opinion: On the Rotten Tomatoes specialist site critics rated it a lousy 22 percent, while the general public’s score was much more respectable: 73 percent. A Netflix production with the Canadian network Citytv, the series portrays a disease that plagues the fictional town of Pretty Lake and, mysteriously, only kills people over the age of 22. It is predictable and almost absurd, but it makes us reflect on what could happen if the only ones left to save humanity are children and young millennials.


Queen of the South

Queen of the South, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

If you are a fan of Narcos, this criminal drama will come to you like a ring on your finger. This adaptation of The Queen of the South Telemundo, which in turn is an adaptation of Arturo Perez-Reverte’s novel, is about a poor woman from Sinaloa who is involved in the world of drug trafficking. In the most impure success story you can imagine, she becomes everyone’s boss. Each episode will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch her rise to power and become more ruthless than her enemies. So far there are four seasons and work is underway on a fifth.



Imposters, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

Inbar Lavi (Prison Break, Lucifer) is captivating in the role of Maddie, a swindler whose modus operandi is to make rich and powerful men fall in love with her and ask her to marry him. She then empties their bank accounts, leaving them a farewell message before disappearing, never to return. The problem is that her latest victim, a sweet and shy man named Ezra, feels so insulted and hurt by her betrayal (even more than by the money he took) that he decides to try to find her to face her. In the process, she meets more ex-husbands with whom she teams up for a hunt that results in drama and comedy in equal measure as they try to beat her at their own game. There are two seasons with a total of 20 episodes.



Travelers, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

This science fiction series is starred by Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) in the role of Grant MacLaren, the leader of travelers, agents of the past whose consciousness has been transferred to “host” bodies of people today. Your mission? Try to save people who are about to die. The first two seasons of this post-apocalyptic series were a Netflix co-production with the Canadian channel Showcase, but Netflix took over for the third. Although people apparently loved it, earning a 98 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, has already been canceled.



What / If, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

One would think that this series would receive more attention, considering that Oscar winner Renée Zellweger appears. This series of thriller anthology of neo-noir style examines the “ripple effects of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things.” The idea is that each season revolves around a different story of morality. Season 1, in which a couple desperate to raise funds for a startup tech makes a deal with a mysterious investor, got mixed reviews, although almost everyone praised Zellweger for his portrayal.


Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

This drama is based on the Russian film The Major by Yuri Bykov about an investigation into the death of a young black teenager who is accidentally hit by a white police car. Assuming the boy is dead, the police ask for reinforcements to try to cover up what he did. Bursting with emotion and racial tension, this 10-episode series is starred by multi-award-winning Regina King. The criticisms were pretty decentAlthough it is predictable, it is a good option if you are interested in current social issues.


White Gold

White Gold, one of the hidden gems on Netflix

Exquisitely irreverent, this British sitcom is a great choice if you love shows like Entourage and House of Lies. Vincent is an arrogant and self-centered window salesman who wants more from life and feels he deserves it. Rude to his wife, friends, and clients, he rips people off to keep their money and lead a life of luxury. Ed Westwick is incredible in the role of Vincent, and his teammates Joe Thomas and James Buckley bring the comic touch. You will laugh and you will not believe how ridiculously conceited Vincent is and all that he is capable of. The 12 episodes that go to date in two seasons will leave you wanting more.


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