Why do young people use so many anglicisms on social networks?


Different studies They demonstrate that, with increasing frequency, Spanish-speaking youth use more terms from English or Anglicisms.

There are different types of anglicisms, but in this article we will stick to those that are not adapted or those that are used in Spanish as they come from English, without any adaptation to our language.

In the environment of social networks, when young people connect and participate in internet forums, the presence of words such as banner, back-up, blog, bluetooth, chat, creepy, fandom, feeling, hashtag, mainstream, nick, off topic, online, password, pin, post, random, smartphone, software, spam, staff, vlog, web, wifi, wiki are becoming more common.

A coexistence of decades

The incursion of English into our language is not a new phenomenon. Over the last decades, Spanish speakers, and, by extension, most European languages, have been increasingly exposed to the influence of Anglo-American culture and, consequently, to the imprint of the language English.

This presence of the Anglo-Saxon in areas of our daily life has been increasing as the phenomenon of globalization has spread throughout the planet. However, there is no doubt that the younger generations have been the most exposed, especially since the English language has been part of the school curriculum from a very early age (in the case of Spain, since the age of 3 in education childish).

Not only have the English language proficiency levels been increasing progressively. In addition, the degree of exposure of these young generations to social networks, music, advertising, eating habits, fashion and sports, among others, from the United States or the United Kingdom, has increased considerably.

The influence of English on boys and girls

From the earliest childhood, girls and boys choose games and toys whose names are in English. Proof of this are those named: color me mine, playmobil city action, playmobil country, playmobil dragons, captain America, the winter soldier, super soldier gear, soothing spa, relax and play, transformers leader, scooter baby born city tour, to name just a few examples. Likewise, boys and girls choose menus that call themselves Happy Meal from a well-known chain of American fast food restaurants.

They drink beverages such as Simon Life or eat small pieces of cheese called Mini Baby Bell, not to mention the treatments for lice and nits that they use occasionally such as Full Marks. The exposure to english starts from very early ages, what is penetrating, to a greater or lesser extent, in the culture and the language.

English and adolescence for Spanish speakers

Many of the children who have already been exposed to English since childhood have become adolescents who demand products and an Anglo-American lifestyle. They buy T-shirts and caps with messages in English, or model models haltertype jackets bomber designed with a fabric of animal printalways with a outfit modern and make up with the eyeliner, highlighter and lipstick in a tone nude and possibly imitate some celebrity The influence.

They go to gym to practice fitness, boxing, crossfit The stretching. If they go to the beach, they are good sports options. paddlesurf, snorkelling o el kitesurf. There are many sportlovers that there are in recent years. When we refer to leisure, youth goes out to a afterwork or a pub to take a gyn&tonic and listen to music mostly performed in English type funky, pop The rock.

Another popular option is to relax on a terrace chill out to take a cocktail “Sex on the beach”although go to a room wellness The spa they are also good options. When they use social media or social media, whether they are internet forums, WhatsApp, Facebook The Instagram, the presence of English is still remarkable.

Many of these are frequently consulted with the corresponding smartphone, What can be touch sensitive and have a nice ring tone and that allows them to selfie. They also do it with their O Laptop tablet, which will be full of apps that facilitate the lives of our and our young people, although they also help us to the not so young.

In conclusion, living with the English language and Anglo-American culture and lifestyle has become part of our daily life, and especially in the case of younger generations. It is a verifiable fact that we are extremely steeped in Anglo-Saxon, whether we like it or not.

This fact does not have to be judged as negative, as long as it does not impoverish our culture and language. There can be a peaceful coexistence between the proper and the foreign, since the sum, far from impoverishing, can be a great source of enrichment. An example is the English language itself, rich in vocabulary, which is riddled with foreign words since there is no institution or Royal Academy that regulates it.


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