Wingsuit: the new line of Soul Flyers in La Clusaz in video


The Soul Flyers confided in an interview for “L’Équipe Magazine” about their 20 years of adventures and extreme jumps. On this occasion, they signed a technical and unique line in La Clusaz. To see again here in video. They may have flown with the Patrouille de France, jumped from the tallest tower in the world at Burj Khalifa or re-entered a mid-air plane after jumping off a cliff, one of the Soul Flyers’ favorite playgrounds is still the Haute -Savoie, La Clusaz and its surroundings. It is there that they made an appointment with the L’Equipe Magazine beginning of July. read also Soul Flyers rediscover Haute-Savoie in wingsuit The two Frenchmen with six world titles in parachuting return in a long interview on their 20 years of jumps together and their adventures of flying men. On this occasion, Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet signed several wingsuit jumps near La Clusaz. read also Soul Flyers tell twenty years of aerial exploits The flight: the demanding departure from the top of La Roualle (2400 m), gives on a splendid view of Mont-Blanc, for a technical and unprecedented line in the valley of Bellachat, and a turn to pass through a pass, at La Balme. “ The moment of departure and acceleration is critical because the place of departure is technical, then you have to make a left turn to tighten the wall, two », Explains Fred Fugen. “ All without visual, because you only see the pass at the last moment, so you take landmarks before on the cliff Adds Vince Reffet.


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