“Without work, families don’t go on”


(AGI) An appeal to “all political and economic leaders” to relaunch the work. Pope Francis did so at the end of the Angelus play, stressing that jobless families “cannot go on” and urging to have “solidarity and a lot of creativity” to solve the problem.

“I hope that in this period – his words were – many will be able to live a few days of rest and contact with nature, in which they can also recharge the spiritual dimension. At the same time I hope that, with the convergent commitment of all those responsible political and economic, the work should be relaunched: without work, families and society cannot go on. We pray for this is and will be a post-pandemic problem: poverty, lack of work. IS it takes a lot of solidarity and a lot of creativity to solve this problem. “

The word compassion

Commenting on today’s Gospel on the prodigy of the multiplication of the loaves, the Pontiff invited us not to forget the word ‘compassion’ which is repeated many times in the Scriptures.

Compassion, “courageous sharing”, which “is not sentimentalism, but – he specified – the concrete manifestation of love that takes charge of people’s needs “. Compassion therefore” is not a purely material feeling; true compassion is suffering with, taking upon us the pains of others. Perhaps – he added in a step by arm – it will do us good today to ask ourselves: do I have compassion? When I read the news of wars, hunger, pandemics, many things, do I have compassion for those people? Do I have compassion for people who are close to me? Am I capable of suffering with them, or do I look elsewhere or do I say that they will manage? “.

Francis recalled that just the logic of “‘that they get by” does not enter the Christian vocabulary“. The logic of God is” to take charge of the other. The logic of not washing your hands, the logic of not looking elsewhere “.

Special thought for Nicaragua

At the end of the Sunday prayer, a thought also to Nicaragua, in recent days the scene of an attack on the Cathedral of the capital. “I think of the people of Nicaragua who suffer from the attack on the Cathedral of Managua, where the venerated image of Christ, which has accompanied and sustained the life of the faithful people over the centuries, has been greatly damaged – almost destroyed. Dear Nicaraguan brothers, I am close to you and I pray for you“concluded Francesco.


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