Young star surprises the competition


There was a total of 25,000 euros for the Phantom stall.

Timothy, who had defeated the later France winner Waldersee on his Mülheim debut, did not even have the best race. After a start in the rear regions, he sailed far out into the home straight after a disturbance from Touch Moon and had to walk a few meters more than the competition. But in a great manner, the bearer of hope said goodbye to Augustine, who was still very attractive, the striker and Sledge Hammer who stayed with him and was unable to get ahead of the field.

“Timothy is a huge talent, which he had shown last time. Actually, I wanted to wait until the home stretch, but we were pushed out in the final turn and were therefore ahead of schedule earlier than expected. How he moved on was impressive. I think A lot is possible on good ground. He doesn’t need to hide from anyone, “reported Adrie de Vries.

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Next station Baden-Baden

Coach Axel Kleinkorres added: “We were already very optimistic. In the final turn it was a bit prickly because Timotheus got out, then he ran immediately. When he took another breath at the beginning of the straight line, I quickly knew that he was going to would not let the race go. If he copes well with everything, we will head for the future race in Baden-Baden. ” Timotheus, who was bred by Uwe Hagemann, had only cost 10,000 euros at the BBAG yearling auction.

Feliciana fulfills high expectations

The race day had already started at 11 a.m. with 1,850 m competition for three-year-old horses. Gestüt Fährhofs Feliciana (2-1 favorite) developed enormous top speed for coach Peter Schiergen with jockey Lukas Delozier and easily cleared the fronts against Luella and Gahia. The Coolmore Stud Baden-Baden Cup on September 6th in Baden-Baden could be the next goal. “It was a fast race. I waited in midfield. The mare shifted up a gear on the home stretch,” commented Lukas Delozier.

In a superior manner, the six-year-old mare Yogiyogiyogi brought the victory to Belgium from the stable of Davy Oost in a 1,300 meter equalization III. Andreak Starke waited a long time for the decisive attack on the 2.6: 1 favorite, but the lady immediately detached herself playfully from the Dutch guest Dawn Calling and Fair Hurricane. “The resilient floor came towards us. I let myself be drawn to the middle of the home stretch, then we won very easily,” explained Andra Starke.

Three year old with potential

The Lady of New York (6.1: 1) prepared by Andreas Wöhler in Spexard for the stable MALEKASO is likely to be a three-year-old mare with great potential, because her second goal in a row, now in an equalization III over 1,850 meters, ahead of Irida and Enissey was sovereign at all times. Champion jockey Bauyrzhan Murzabayev was sure of his cause early on. “It has got better and better from one race to the next,” said the rider happily.

A lot of money on champion hits

Bauyrzhan Murzabayev made it immediately afterwards in a 2,200 meter handicap with the four-year-old mare Elected from the Lengerich district of Dr. Andreas Bolte at the odds of 23.1: 1 a huge surprise. The outsider effortlessly broke free on her first career goal from Opera Snow, Sensible Friend and Gypsy Music. The four-bet paid 2,125.9: 1 euro.

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Family success for the “Giesgens” in amateur riding (equalization IV, 1,600 m): Trainer Laura Giesgen led Sea Tea Dea (3.3: 1) in the colors of her father Ulrich Giesgen to a superior success over Sussex Solo and Without Blame.

The owners’ association of the Galopp Club Bremen was able to celebrate a direct hit by the mare Lovely Dream (2.4: 1) in a 1,850 meter compensation IV. With Michael Cadeddu, the favorite sparked new reserves against Fire Linn and Heatherdown.

Stall Nuris Zeo’s last success was almost a year ago, but in a 1,850 meter handicap the 3-1 favorite posted by Hans Blume from Krefeld ended with Clement Lecoeuvre ahead of Power Bullet and Mister Mowgli.

Cadeddu remains on the road to success

Jockey Michael Cadeddu, who completed a one-two victory in the final equalization III over 2,400 meters, continues to be brilliant. With Dr. Andreas Bolte’s four-year-old mare Alenza (5.8: 1) waited a long time with the all-important attack on the always leading Nutina and snapped shortly before the finish, which also gave Bolte the second victory of the day. The outsider whirlwind was also strong third. The betting turnover amounted to 229,999.09 euros.

Ashrun with strong Deauville performance

Ashrun (Pierre-Charles Boudot), who was trained by Andreas Wöhler for the Turffighter stable, came in second in the Prix du Carrousel (list race, 36,000 euros, 3,000 m) in Deauville on Saturday. The German made up a lot of ground, but had to tolerate Get Shirty (Christophe Soumillon) in front of him. Behind the favorite Ghostwatch, Guido Schmitt’s Alkuin (Eddy Hardouin) took fourth place after a long tour.


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