YouTuber tests his grandfather’s armored Lamborghini


What happens when you have a lot of free time, you like weapons and you have a bulletproof Lamborghini to play with?

You make videos like the one published by youtuber Edwin Sarkissian this Wednesday, the same one that last week dazzled his followers by launching a granada of hand inside an old ATM.

“I’m going to shoot all kinds of weapons at my grandfather’s Lamborghini now that he’s out of town. It is the first and only Lamborghini bulletproof “, says at the beginning of the video on YouTube, released by Gizmodo.

Sarkissian’s goal was to find out if it really was a “bulletproof” vehicle.

Sarkissian began the test with a 9mm caliber weapon, which in the first shot only caused slight impacts in the first layer of the front glass.

He then decided to use two Magnum “Desert Eagle” semi-automatic pistols with 50 AE cartridges, considered heavy gauge. He obtained the same result and was unable to pierce the glass.

Edwin Sarkissian already has a record. In another video posted on his channel, he attempted to have shells from a 20mm Typhon cannon entered through the small open windows of a $ 350,000 Lamborghini Huracan.

Then he tested a $ 250,000 Mclaren. Specifically, he opened the swinging doors of the sports car and began firing a 50-caliber rifle (with incendiary rounds) into two cylinders of methane gas. The result was incendiary, literally.

Until we got to the last video where he shoots a bulletproof Lamborghini with all kinds of different caliber weapons.

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