11 years later, FarmVille’s days are numbered! Date has already been revealed


The world of video games has undergone incredible evolution and transformation over the past decade. Nowadays many people no longer remember the phenomenon that was FarmVille, a game that revolutionized a generation of Facebook users, being for several years the most popular game with millions of players every day.

Now, Zynga was forced to announce the end of the game that was once its “golden goose”. Even though it doesn’t have a fraction of the active players it had a few years ago, FarmVille is certainly still played by thousands of people around the world. However, this will only happen until December 31, when FarmVille will close forever.

Adobe is the big “responsible” for the death of FarmVille

The explanation for the closure of FarmVille is very simple, and it is virtually impossible for Zynga to be able to prevent this from happening. The game is based on Adobe’s Flash Player, which has already confirmed its plans to stop its distribution and update to browsers.

Thus, it would be impossible for Zynga to be able to guarantee the safety of all its players, as well as to continue the evolution of the game. Therefore, they decided to announce that on December 31, FarmVille will cease to exist.

It hardly seems that this scenario will change, as it would certainly end up being easier to create a new game than to adapt FarmVille to a different platform. Still, it seems unlikely that Zynga will decide to bet on a successor to FarmVille, considering that there are already several newer options that have become extremely popular over the past few years.

If you are still an active fan of FarmVille, you will know that in-game purchases will be possible until next November 17th. After this day, the entire payment system will be disabled. All credits must be spent by December 31st.

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