12 Events of Entrepreneurship Week in Lisbon that you cannot miss – Technology


Every year, Made of Lisboa (MoL) organizes a week-long event to promote startups, innovation, as well as the best technology businesses operating in the capital. It is mandatory for the calendar of any entrepreneur, but also for corporations, Venture Capital (Venture Investors), Bussiness Angels (Individual Investors) and other actors participating in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, who rarely shy away from participating, promoting their own side events or even partner with MoL.

In this edition, the number of Entrepreneurship Week (SEL) events in Lisbon has soared, with the program triple the offer it presented in 2019. This is just one of the reasons why SEL 2020 is indispensable on your agenda: no just for the value of the content in the program, but also because it is also an opportunity to get to know Lisbon’s entrepreneurial fabric better and to understand, therefore, how it reflects what happens in the rest of the country.

The list of novelties includes curators, who is responsible for not only the selection of some events, but also the monitoring of them, both of the participants and of those who attend, in their area of ​​specialty; still enter benefits provided by SEL partners for those who participate in any of its events (which range from free time in coworking spaces to our Startup Hub). In short and concluded: this year is really big.

Due to the pandemic, SEL will not function as it did in previous years, but neither will the “new normal”. In the middle is virtue, so Made of Lisboa made efforts to bring us physical events with limited capacity, following all security measures and exclusively online events, such as workshops and even tours through the capital’s business fabric in its most diverse formats, from pure innovation to culture and artistic productions.

Among the various events taking place, Startup Portugal suggests as a must:

Monday, September 21

As a general rule, opening sessions do not go beyond protocol rituals, but we can say, this was different. Our sources at Made of Lisboa had not yet confirmed: SIBS and InformaDB joined the event to share relevant data on how the city’s economy responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. The weight of Made of Lisboa and its partners in the last year of activity is not new, however, at this moment, and thanks to these new partnerships, in addition to information on employment, praise and milestones achieved, the municipality will be able to share information about business transactions, money spent by locals and how it profoundly impacted Lisbon’s business life.

  • Financing Solutions for Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Lending & Equity – 12h / 17h (you can watch it live on our page at LinkedIn and page on Facebook)

Venture Capital [capital de risco] it is always one of the indicators to take into account when looking for a change or just to assess how certain geographical spaces are evolving economically. For this particular event Made of Lisbon brought together some of the most relevant players in the Venture Capital investment arm in Portugal to better understand and map the financing solutions available in our market.

Tuesday, September 22

Lisboa Robotics Talk is not only about robotics, but also about innovation, about FabLabs [pequena oficina de fabricação digital], and on the culture of invention and pure innovation, which seeks to fill gaps with new hardware. In addition, it is one of the biggest events on the subject in Portugal.

We start by assuming: not even the World Economic Forum will miss the opportunity to participate in this webinar. The main speakers of this lecture are Olivier Woeffray (World Economic Forum) and Paulo Soeiro Carvalho (IF Insight & Foresight), who will start the theme of the year: how to guarantee development even with physical distance.

Community management is still a little-known discipline in Portugal, but it is no less essential for business growth through bringing users closer to their products and services. This proximity is what often allows reaching the full potential of the product or service through the relationship with customers. To demonstrate this, CMX Connect in Portugal joins efforts with managers community members of Unbabel, Outsystems, Made of Lisboa and Startup Portugal, pioneers who encourage to fill this gap in the Portuguese market, generating relevant content for both beginners and more experienced professionals. In this session, CMX Connect representatives in Portugal, invite Ricardo López Páramo, community specialist at SPEAK, to share their ideas on how a single person can build and enable an entire community.

Wednesday, September 23

Sustainability and Portugal have one thing in common: the future. Portugal is still on the rise as a European ecosystem, with many opportunities to explore. Sustainability is no different and is taking up a lot of space in our business and technological fabric. This is the theme that Demium will address in this panel.

  • Village Underground Lisboa – 19h00 (free entrance to the enclosure with registration via email: [email protected])

Village Underground has been a protagonist in the fusion of culture, artistic effort and entrepreneurship in Lisbon and this year’s Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week will be no different. Attracting all attention to the various forms of art, from dance to music, VUL will be the center of the arts of Lisbon from 23 to 27 of closing.

Thursday, September 24

This trio of events, promoted by both Future.Works and Landing.Jobs, will be about the so-called new normal job, and its management, in a post-COVID world19. But there will be more. The future of the work did not begin to be written in March. It has been in development and was already a reality. For those who have been affected by the pandemic, those who are considering moving to a different and more remote location or just those who want to change the focus, these are definitely the events not to be missed.

Portugal is already known as a paradise for digital nomads [trabalhadores remotos sem localização fixa], and it keeps getting better. From an electronic residency program to fixed taxes, through an incomparable quality of life, all nomads who bring new solutions and add value feel (and are) welcome. SEL will promote a meeting at Casa do Capitão, an art space of the Hub Criativo do Beato, to show the future popular area of ​​Lisbon. No office? Smoothly.

Friday, September 25

João Vasconcelos’ legacy lives through our work, the work of Startup Lisboa and SEL, obviously. It makes perfect sense that the second edition of the award created by Startup Lisboa in honor of its founder (and also founder of Startup Portugal, businessman and former Secretary of State) will take place this week. It will certainly be one of the highlights and the perfect way to meet the Lisbon businessman of the year. Remember: last year’s winner was Daniela Braga, whose success is in sight.


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