1TB memory card for Xbox will cost around 250 euros


While the Xbox is not officially launched, Microsoft is presenting some very interesting details, which certainly spur the enthusiasm and interest of consumers.

Now the Redmond company has unveiled its memory card expandable up to 1TB for its new video game consoles. The problem is only in the price, as the device will cost about 250 euros.

Microsoft unveils its new expandable card for Xbox

This week Microsoft unveiled its new memory card designed to expand Xbox's capacity up to 1TB. The device will thus increase the space available on the console without compromising its performance.

This is the solution for consumers who have already purchased or intend to buy the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and want to increase their storage capacity.

Microsoft then unveiled its Storage Expansion Card, a Seagate product, which provides an additional 1TB of external memory and guarantees the same exceptional performance as the console's internal SSD.

With 1 TB of additional storage, the player will have plenty of room to expand their game library. Just call and start playing. In addition, you can also remove the device from the Xbox and take your games anywhere.

In this way, the player can achieve an improved gaming experience. And enjoy the same performance as Xbox Velocity Architecture with games optimized for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The problem is in the priceā€¦ 250 euros

The card is very elegant, and will certainly be very useful for players who like several different games. But there is only one small, less attractive aspect, which is the price.

According to what has already been disclosed by Microsoft, this 1TB memory card will cost 249.99 euros, and there is an indication that the price may vary.

The reason for this value is that the device was built to offer the same performance as the internal SSDs of the new consoles. That is, it guarantees the same transfer rates of 2.4 GB / s.

This card will be available from November 10, 2020, but you can pre-order it here.

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