2.5-meter crocodile is transported on a motorcycle by a dealer; VIDEO


Photo: Playback / Twitter

In a video circulating on social media, two men drag a live adult crocodile, approximately 2.5 meters long, out of a river, tied with ropes. In the following footage, we see the animal’s body being transported on a motorcycle with its tail touching the asphalt. The fact occurred in Navolato, Mexico.

The men have not yet been identified by local authorities and the fate of the crocodile is unknown. The police are still investigating the case, according to the Daily Star.

If convicted, suspects could face one to nine years in prison for stealing the animal and more than three additional years for having done so in a protected area.

It is not known for certain what motivated the trafficking, but it is assumed that the crocodile is passed on to serve as a ‘pet’ or for consumption of exotic meat and its skin used as leather.

Watch the video:


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