3rd phase is confirmed and should release R $ 10 billion in credits


Senators received approval from the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, for a third phase of the National Support Program for Micro and Small Enterprises (Pronampe), designed to help small businesses during the covid-19 crisis.

According to the leader of the PL in the Senate, Jorginho Mello, the financing program will have another R $ 10 billion this year. Despite this, congressmen linked to the sector ask for more and want the program to become permanent.

On Thursday, Guedes met with Senator Kátia Abreu and Senator Renan Calheiros. One of the demands presented by the parliamentarians is to allocate resources from other programs to Pronampe still in 2020.

The government had put on the table the possibility of expanding the resources allocated with a third phase of the program. Sought for by the report, the Ministry of Economy informed that the federal government wants to exhaust the resources of all the credit lines launched to rescue companies during the covid-19 pandemic. So far, according to the portfolio, R $ 85.86 billion have been released to finance 622 thousand companies.


In the case of Pronampe, launched in May, the Federal Government allocated R $ 15.9 billion in the first phase and another R $ 12 billion in the second phase of financing. The financing is subject to a rate equivalent to the Selic rate, currently at 2% per year, plus 1.25% over the amount granted, with a 36-month term to pay – in practice, more advantageous conditions compared to other lines of financing.

To make the third phase feasible, Congress is discussing approving another bill. There are proposals in the House and Senate to transfer the remaining balance of the Emergency Employment Support Program (PESE), launched to finance the payment of wages during the first months of the crisis, to the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO), which supplies the Pronampe.


If approved, the measure will depend on the sanction of President Jair Bolsonaro. Next Monday, the PL leader should talk to President Jair Bolsonaro in an attempt to guarantee support from Planalto for a larger initiative, to make the program permanent, supplied with resources after the pandemic. The strategy, however, faces resistance from the economic team, which wants to restrict the program only to the emergency period of the crisis.

“It was R $ 32 billion, but we need to get close to R $ 100 billion to serve the micro and small businessmen in Brazil, who are saving themselves thanks to Pronampe”, said Mello, author of the bill that originated the program in the Senate .

The Ministry of Economy does not foresee the continuity of the transfers for the next year. The Senate tried to pass legislative proposals to supply the program in 2021, but there was still no agreement with the government. In law, Pronampe was designed to be permanent.

The continuity of financing, however, depends on the contribution of new resources. With no room to increase spending, the government asked for more time to negotiate with parliamentarians.


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