5 Essential Android Apps for Any Driver in 2020


Nowadays we already use our smartphones for practically everything in our life, so it would be a waste not to get to know the best Android applications to use with our car.

There are several applications that can really improve not only the driving experience, but also the whole routine of maintenance and management of the vehicle.

To facilitate the selection of applications that you should have on your Android smartphone, here is a list with some of the most important applications to install on your phone.

1. Android Auto

Without a doubt, Android Auto is a must-have application on any Android smartphone, making it the perfect companion for when you place your phone on the dashboard of your car.

Although it is not an application by itself, it offers the perfect interface for you to manage and use your favorite applications while you are driving.

You can download the app for free directly on the Google Play Store here.

2. AutoMate

For those who do not like the experience offered by Android Auto, the AutoMate application is another application you should consider.

It will provide an easy-to-interact interface with very large icons and several features that facilitate all interaction with the system.

Despite being an application of free download, it is important to note that some features require an in-app purchase.

3. APP AutoDoc

This is not an application that will help you while driving, but whenever you need to buy parts and accessories for your car. AutoDoc is the largest online retailer of auto parts in Europe, offering a wide range of products, ensuring not only competitive prices but also fast delivery.

The application will make your life much easier, making it possible to search and buy the parts you need most anywhere, without having to access the site.

AutoDoc Android Applications

The application can be found at autodoc.hu or Google Play.

4. Drivvo

Like AutoDoc, this application was also not designed to assist you in driving, but in the management and maintenance of your car.

With Drivvo you will be able to keep an up-to-date record of repairs, maintenance, expenses, kilometers made, fuel used and much more.

This is a tool that can be useful for any driver, but it will be guaranteed to be a lifesaver for anyone who uses the car to work every day.

Despite having some shopping options in-app, Drivvo is available for free in the Google Play Store.

5. Drivemode

Like Android Auto and AutoMate, the Drivemode application also has the main objective of offering the driver an interface that facilitates driving.

Drivemode is probably the most popular alternative to Android Auto, thanks to its extremely well designed interface and the native integration of the most popular Apps.

Within Drivemode, you will be able to access applications such as Google Maps, Waze, HERE Maps, Spotify and more. You will be able to read and reply to messages and thanks to the integration of Google Assistant, you will also be able to use voice commands.

You can do the free download from Drivemode na Google Play Store.

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