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The smartphone is more and more complete and close to a computer, but there are still tasks that can be a little uncomfortable to perform on the reduced screen, in addition to the fact that your fingers do not always offer such great precision in this scenario. In order not to have to use the computer all the time, a great option is to have a tablet on hand for those specific moments.

The Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 +, recently launched by Samsung, are the most powerful models in the category available today, in addition to having several cool features. The models are differentiated by the size of the screen and offer an incredibly thin, light and durable design in two colors: black and bronze.

Below are five reasons to buy the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet – and buy the new Samsung tablet right now!

Great multimedia experience

Galaxy Tab S7 has 11 inches of screen, plus audio system with four speakers (Image: Canaltech)

The Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 + have a 120Hz screen, which ensures more fluidity and dynamism in navigation, games and video playback. It’s an experience very close to what you get on gamers’ monitors, for example. In addition, they are 11 inches in the smallest model and 12.4 inches in the largest, enough space to work and play and with the lowest emission of blue light ever seen on a tablet.

According to recent studies, excess blue light can harm health. The reduction in the emission of this light on screens helps to regulate the sleep cycle, in addition to preventing possible problems in your eyes.

And to get even better, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 + bring Dolby Atmos sound on no less than four speakers, distributed on all sides of the device. Thus, you can play or watch movies and series with a totally immersive experience, listening to the sound as if you were inside the scene played on the screen.


The Galaxy Tab S7 has the fastest processor ever seen on a tablet. Compared to competitors, it is up to 25% faster, offers graphics performance up to 36% better and has neural processing up to 77% faster. All to ensure optimum performance in games, which run without braking and, of course, perform everyday tasks without gagging.

Battery that lasts

Tablet has USB-C connector for data and power cable (Image: Canaltech)

The Galaxy Tab S7 has an 8,000 mAh battery, enough for more than 15 hours of video playback, according to laboratory tests simulating everyday conditions. The Galaxy Tab S7 + has 10,090 mAh of charge, and can exceed 14 hours of video playback, even with the larger screen.

And so you never run out of power, both models have 45 W super-fast charging, which delivers hours of use in minutes in the wall outlet.

S Pen

Pen accompanies the teablet and has magnetic insert for transport (Image: Canaltech)

The S Pen that came with the tablet has been redesigned inside and out to provide greater accuracy with ultra-low latency, with very quick response to touch on the screen. It is possible to write and draw as if it were on a sheet of paper, something that provides a real writing experience.

In addition, the S Pen also supports gestures that facilitate quick control of the tablet. Thus, it is possible, for example, to return to the home screen, select an item or write on the screen in a very practical way. You can still customize what happens by holding down the S Pen button and you don’t have to worry about losing the accessory: there is a magnetic slot to carry the pen.


A tablet is not just a larger version of the phone, but it is a device for doing much more than is possible on the smartphone screen. In addition to having a system focused on multitasking, with support for the use of split screen to facilitate access to information in more than one application at the same time, the Galaxy Tab S7 also has compatibility with a Keyboard Cover, which turns it into something very close to a computer. It can even be connected to a PC to function as a second screen.

The Keyboard Cover is lightweight and allows adjustment up to 165 degrees for comfortable use on a table. It is, in fact, a computer experience, with a built-in trackpad and function keys such as increasing and decreasing brightness or volume, media playback and much more.

Another option is to use it with DeX for a computer experience, with multiple windows. The Samsung DeX is a way to use your phone on a big screen, be it a television, monitor or even connecting to a Windows or Mac PC.

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