50 Shades of Gray actor is hopelessly in love; meet the lucky


Based on the EL James book series, 50 Shades of Gray became a successful film franchise, with the first film released in 2015 and starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

50 Shades of Gray tells the story of Anastasia Steele, a young and innocent journalist who is introduced to the world of sadomasochism by the sexy billionaire Christian Gray, played by Dornan.

Although he is known mainly for his sexy characters in film and TV, Jamie Dornan cultivates a peaceful personal life, as a loving and happy family man.

Check out everything about Amelia Warner, Jamie Dornan’s wife!

Jamie Dornan’s first work in theaters took place in 2006. The actor played Count Axel Fersen in Maria Antonieta, a film by Sofia Coppola.

At the time, the actor had just ended his two-year relationship with actress Keira Knightley, known for films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice.

In 2010, the star met British singer and actress Amelia Warner. The two signed the commitment in 2012, and were married in 2013. Over time, Amelia abandoned her career in film and TV and devoted herself entirely to music work.

“I fell in love with her from the beginning, really. And I’m more in love with her today than I was at the beginning, ”revealed Dornan in an interview.

The actor also spoke about the most difficult parts of the wedding in a chat with a British newspaper.

“Sometimes we get frustrated, especially when we travel with the children. But we don’t like to let anything boil and become unpleasant. We know couples who get into heavy fights, but it is not like that with us. And I’m happy with that, ”said the 50 Shades of Gray star.

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner have three daughters: Dulcie (6 years old), Elva (4 years old) and Alberta (1 year old).

“Being a father is the best thing in the world! I feel a healthy need and a great duty to provide the best conditions for my daughters. It suits me. Making my daughters happy is a great motivation for us, ”said Dornan.

Amelia Warner spoke about her husband’s fame in a recent interview.

“Nothing has changed in our lives since 50 Shades of Gray. The main change in our lives was the arrival of the girls. We lived in the Cotswolds, and then we moved to London. We prefer to stay away from this universe of fame ”, revealed the singer.

50 Tons of Freedom, the latest film in the 50 Tons franchise is available on Netflix.


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