8-year-old child gets bionic arm from ‘Iron Man’ – Virtz


After losing an arm due to a bacterial infection, doctors got a custom prosthesis for the boy, a fan of the superhero

Sam Halperm, 8, was just 6 years old when he contracted a bacterial infection. As a result of the illness, he ended up losing his arm. Doctors at Shriners Hospitals for Children, in Massachusetts, in the United States, decided to go after a prosthesis for the child and got a bionic arm inspired by Marvel’s superhero, Iron Man.

The doctors’ idea was for the boy to be comfortable and live life normally. In an interview with FOX5, Michelle, Sam’s mother, said: “Having an adaptable hand that is functioning like a traditional hand improves his quality of life significantly.”

Called the “Hero Arm”, the boy went back to playing sports at school, holding a baseball bat again to be able to play, as well as picking up small objects and toys.


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