89-year-old pizza delivery man receives 68,000 ‘tip’; watch video


Couple was moved by the story of the elderly and created an online kitty to help him supplement retirement

A 89-year-old pizza delivery man received a ‘tip’ of: $ 12,069 in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) .The captivating story of Derlin Newey, who is still he works 30 hours a week to supplement his retirement, captivated the Valdez couple, who were always served by him.The duo then decided to make a kitty online to help the elderly.

According to what they published on Tik Tok, the Valdez once received a delivery from Derlin and suggested to the pizzeria that they always send the “nice” man.

Upon learning of its complete history, the family decided to share it on social networks, asking for a tip in the form of a kitty for anyone who wanted to contribute.

At the end of the kitty, the Valdez had US $ 12,069.00 (about R $ 68 thousand) in the account. It was then that they called Derlin home and gave him “the tip”. The deliveryman was moved to tears and didn’t even know how to thank him. “How can I say thanks? I don’t know what to say, ”he stammered.


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