A BOLA – Rejected application for removal of Balconies (Sporting)


The shareholders of Sporting, SAD met in AG that had five points on the agenda, but ended up being marked by several requests for clarification on matters such as the hiring and payment of RĂºben Amorim, the processes of players who terminated, the summer 2019 transfers, commissions to entrepreneurs or the relationship with the cheerleaders.

A request submitted by a shareholder aimed at the dismissal with just cause of Frederico Varandas, alleging, among other things, the loan of money from SAD to the club without the consent of the shareholders, a topic that has already generated some controversy in the recent assembly of the club.

The request, however, was eventually rejected by MAG president Bernardo Diniz de Ayala.

The meeting, moreover, had 94.19% of the capital present, after admission to Holdimo, the largest private shareholder, and lasted well into the night, with all the items on the agenda approved.


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