‘A Fazenda’: Raissa complains to Jakelyne Oliveira: “I didn’t like the tone you said”


The vice miss bumbum interpreted her colleague’s words as rudeness

By: Laís Myla | September 21 – 5:13 pm

Raissa Barbosa, a participant in the 12th edition of the reality show ‘A Fazenda’, complained to her confinement friend Jakelyne Oliveira who did not like the tone the model used when talking to her.

It all happened because Raissa was again bringing up the last conflict she had inside the house, where she took eight votes and claimed that the men on the show were against her. Jakelyne did not agree with the participant’s attitude and was sincere: “The discussions do not revolve around the first fight” and she understood that the intention of the colleague was to say that “the world does not revolve around her” and was displeased.

Raissa then pinned the participant with a hint: “Even you, Jake? I’m shocked ”. Jakelyne counters: “Are you shocked that I’m telling the truth?” and the paoa dodges: “Okay, I don’t want to talk now”, but the model continues: “Don’t have that, I always defended you, I always came to you and talked and exposed my opinion and you have every right in the world to be upset! ”

However, vice miss bumbum stated: “I mean that it’s all me, all me, all me. Everything will be left for me ”. They talk about the game and Jakelyne Oliveira apologizes: “If the way I spoke upset you, I apologize because it was not my intention” and Raissa countered: “Your tone upset me […] You said that the world doesn’t revolve around me ”, the friend corrected and explained that that is not what she said.

Raissa did not want to know about Jake’s satisfaction and stated: “I felt you talking like that […] I just think you acted on impulse and said it wrong ”. Check out the video:


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