A real iron arm. Here’s the result of Sunday’s hearings


A SIC returned to lead the Sunday hearings and managed to leave the TVI back, at least with some of your main bets. The information is released to the press through a statement sent to the essays.

“SIC yesterday ended the day with 19.3% share against 16.9% share of TVI and 11.4% share of RTP1 “, informs the station, reporting that Ricardo Araújo Pereira with ‘This is Enjoying Who You Work With‘got “yesterday’s most watched program on Portuguese television” – with 27.1% share and 15.4% average audience, which corresponds to 1 million 457 thousand and 100 viewers.

Certain that the competition was fierce, the TVI decided to play it safe and aired the program gala ‘Big Brother – The Revolution‘after the’ Isto é Gozar com Quem Trabalho ‘program goes offline.

And the truth is that ‘Big Brother’ led from the first minute, with the initial block gaining 12.8% of audience and 24.5% of share against two segments of Cláudia’s ‘O Noivo É Que Sabe’, Vieira.

Still on Sunday, SIC won with ‘Jornal da Noite’, ‘Fama Show’ and ‘Domingão‘. In fact, these last two formats gave the station “absolute lead in the afternoon”. The ‘Somos Portugal’ program, from TVI.

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