A woman is frightened when she encounters a two-headed snake inside the house; video


A North Carolina resident in the United States was terrified when she spotted a two-headed snake near a table in her home’s solarium. On Sunday, the 27th, Jeannie Wilson posted a video of the snake on her Facebook profile and asked followers what she should do.

“Ok facebook … does anyone know of a place that would accept the Double Trouble here and take care of it (e) or should I let it go? It’s not poisonous”, wrote the woman in the post.

In an interview with the local TV station “WSOC”, Jeannie reported that the first thing he did when he came across the reptile was to call his son-in-law and soon warned that he was not “crazy”.

“I saw her heads first and I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to kill her, so we put it in a jar. Everyone was surprised, ‘wow, a two-headed snake at Nana’s house,'” he said.

To Newsweek magazine, she said she went to the local science center in Alexander County, which collected the snake.

“They told me that (the snake) was about four months old and was a rat snake that was getting ready to shed its skin … I think that’s why I wasn’t eating.”

Jeannie admitted that she already misses the little animal, whom she could visit, according to the team at the science center.

“He was very kind to handle and never offered to bite me,” he said.

Low chances of survival in nature

According to “National Geographic”, the evidence suggests that one head may even try to attack or bite the other if you can smell the prey itself.

“They also have a hard time deciding which direction to take, and if they had to respond to an attack quickly, they just wouldn’t be able to do it,” University of Tennessee herpetologist Gordon Burghardt told NatGeo, adding that their chances of survival in nature are very low.

“Watching them feed, often struggling to see which head will swallow the prey, shows that feeding takes a long time, during which time they would be highly vulnerable to predators,” he said.


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