Abdominal pain and weight loss may be a warning sign


Bowel cancer is the second most common cancer among men and women in Brazil according to the Inca (National Cancer Institute). The theme is addressed in the national campaign September Green, the month chosen by SBCP (Brazilian Society of Coloproctology) to work on a serious and important issue: prevention.

In Roraima, both tests and treatment can be performed by SUS (Unified Health System). The patient who, when making the first consultation in a UBS (basic health unit) presents the symptoms, can have his exams through CMECM (Specialized Medical Clinic Coronel Mota) and be treated at Unacon (High Complexity Assistance Unit in Oncology).

According to the coloproctologist Levindo Alves, who works in the state health network, colorectal cancer is quite common in Brazil and worldwide and its prevention contains intuitive measures.

?? We understand that prevention involves the same precautions adopted for most illnesses, which includes healthy eating, physical activity at least three times a week, drinking plenty of fluids, as well as avoiding excessive alcohol, smoking and mainly red meat, highly processed meats and processed foods ??, he explains.

The doctor explains that poor eating habits and lack of physical activity are factors that are directly related to the onset of cancer. ?? Care must be started early, still in childhood, and maintained by adolescents until adulthood. It is not easy to maintain a healthy life nowadays, but having a healthy diet is fundamental ”, he highlights.

The alert for adults who have reached 50 is reinforced, because due to the cumulative effect of inadequate nutrition and other factors that cause cancer, the specialist recommends that routine tests be done.

Colonoscopy, which is a rectal endoscopy, evaluates the entire rectum, the entire large intestine. In colonoscopy, small lesions are detected, which are called intestinal polyps or vegetations and these polyps are removed. When they are removed, it is avoided that in the future they will grow and develop cancer ??, he points out.

Despite the high incidence in Brazil, the cure rate of patients is high. This is due to the treatment that has evolved over the years and the greater investment in early detection tests. The Inca estimates that for each year of the triennium between 2020 and 2022, about 40,990 new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed in Brazil.

?? Despite the exams, there are signs that should be considered as alert, such as abdominal pain and even weight loss of unknown cause. Therefore, maintaining a regular consultation with the proctologist and carrying out the appropriate investigation is the first step towards early diagnosis, ”he adds.


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