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To start, Lica passes out and will need to hurry to the hospital. In the next chapter, we will also see that she is not the only one who will scare friends.

MB and K1 suffer car accident

MB (Vinicius Wester) uses drugs at the party and then decides to get the car and go out in the city. In the passenger seat is K1 (Talita Younan), who is concerned with the status of the customer. She tries to alert him, but he doesn’t pay much attention and the worst thing happens: the two crash in a car and also go to the hospital. What a danger!

Fio (Lucas Penteado) disappears in ‘Malhação – Viva a Diferença’ – Photo: Globo

At the end of the party, security guards arrive at the scene and send everyone away. But as Samantha (Giovanna Grigrio) is going to tell Ellen (Heslaine Vieira), one of them decides to stop Fio (Lucas Penteado) for further explanations. A day later, no one has heard from the teenager and Ellen is nervous looking for news.

Juca (Mikael Marmorato) in ‘Malhação – Viva a Diferença’ – Photo: Globo

Benê (Daphne Bozaski) has a crisis seeing Guto (Bruno Gadiol), but is also surprised by a romantic gesture. It will not be your music teacher, but Juca (Mikael Marmorato), who takes courage and kisses you. Will we have a new couple soon?

Leide gets very angry with Lica

Leide (Sáfora Rangel) is a super partner of Lica. But with this whole party, the employee is very upset with the girl. In a conversation the next day, she says that Lica betrayed her trust and, worse, “screwed” her.

Lica (Manoela Aliperti) is sorry for ‘Malhação – Viva a Diferença’ – Photo: Globo

Don’t miss the next chapter and check out the week’s summary.

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Mitsuko scolds Tina and Anderson. Benê and Julinho’s father calls Josefina, who tries to disguise it. Cristiane, Fio’s mother, asks Ellen about the boy’s whereabouts. Guto talks to Samantha about Benê. Benê tells Keyla that Juca kissed her at Lica’s party. Samantha reveals to Ellen that she saw the security guards who interrupted the party by talking to Fio. Leide scolds Lica. Mitsuko announces to Tina that she will go to Japan.

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Live the Difference is a season of Malhação written by High Hamburger with artistic direction from Paulo Silvestrini. Due to the stoppage of soap opera recordings at Globo Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2017 booklet is back to the Workout schedule, after Vale a Pena Ver de Novo.

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