Adson hits Cruzeiro, reveals Kayzer millionaire ‘glove’ and says striker “didn’t stay because he didn’t want to”


After four rounds unbeaten in the Brazilian Championship, Atlético Goianiense returned to the field this Saturday (19) and ended up defeated by Atlético Mineiro by the score of 4 to 3. The team from Goiás even came out ahead, but suffered the turn and lost the chance to amend three consecutive victories in the competition.

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Besides the setback in the field, the Dragon also did not win in the dispute for striker Renato Kayzer. The player settled with Athletico Paranaense and travels to Curitiba to perform medical examinations and sign with the Hurricane until 2023. Even with the right exit, the shirt wanted to be on the field against Galo in his farewell to the red-black team.

In an interview after the match, President Adson Batista regretted the outcome of the negotiation, but revealed that he had done everything in his power to guarantee the athlete’s permanence. The manager revealed that he offered a millionaire fine to shirt 9 and, without naming names, criticized Athletico-PR between the lines.

“Regarding Kayzer’s situation, she was exhausting“ hyper-mega ”. I tried to defend Atlético-GO at all costs and I did it all the time. There is no point in depositing the fine if the player does not sign with me, I will throw money in the trash. The player is sovereign, he needs to be with you and accept your proposal. Atlético offered Kayzer more than R $ 1 million in gloves, made a salary that is the highest in the club historically and with a three-year contract. I’ve been working on this for two months, the problem is that it turned into a hell of an auction. There is a club that has no scruples and the least respect and is not serious about things, that talks to you in a day, then slaps you on the back and pushes you into the abyss ”, said Adson.

“I did everything to make him stay. Unfortunately the player came to me almost crying saying that it solved his life and that of his family. I even thank him for his attitude of coming to play, 99% of the athletes do not play and he came against businessman and Cruzeiro. The money really speaks louder, but in those moments we surpass ourselves and become stronger ”, concludes the athletic president.

Despite praising the gunner’s stance of wanting to enter the field this Saturday even though he was settled with the Hurricane, Adson Batista revealed that ‘some things’ that happened during the negotiations bothered him. He also reiterated that the decision for the future was entirely in the attacker’s hands.

“I didn’t like many things that happened, but I won’t be ‘crying’ because Atlético-GO is bigger than that. I made a proposal to Kayzer that if I were back there, I would have signed it right away because it was a ‘proposed lady’. Anyway, let him follow his life. He had an act of greatness to play. We were stalling this negotiation in all ways. I could not deposit the fine because the player was not with me. When I said ‘can I deposit?’ hours later he was no longer with me. Then they ask why he didn’t pay the fine, because Kayzer didn’t want to. If Kayzer wanted, he would stay at Atlético. The player, in those moments, is essential to accept or not a proposal ”, he highlighted.

With the athlete on loan at Cruzeiro available, Atlético-GO would have the preference in the purchase of Renato Kayzer. However, according to the Minas Gerais team, the club from Goiás did not cover Atlhletico-PR’s offer within the established term and was notified to CBF. Cruzeiro even released a note before the match officializing the arrangement with the Hurricane and criticizing the posture of the red-black goiano in the negotiation.

When asked about the grade of the celestial team, President Adson Batista guaranteed that he had not acted outside of what was agreed and rejected the miners’ ‘charge’.

“Does Cruzeiro have the moral to say something about someone? Cruzeiro doesn’t have the moral to say anything about anyone, not as much of the wrong things he does. And I didn’t do anything wrong, I defended Atlético Goianiense. With respect to Cruzeiro, we have always had a good relationship, but unfortunately they did not act correctly. We are aware of this legal (department) and doing things legally. We’ll see later on who’s going to have a problem, ”said Adson.

Finally, the president said he was attentive to the market and that the search for a replacement for Renat Kayzer will be accelerated in the coming days, even though the club needs to disburse an amount that it usually does not have available to invest.

“We are working, I will accelerate and I will have to seek to make an investment. We will bring a center forward to solve and maybe even better and that fits our team more ”, he guaranteed.

Listen and watch in full the interview with Adson Batista, president of Atlético-GO:


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