After 20 years of career, did Lidi Lisboa really need to enter A Fazenda 12?


After years mending important and representative works on television – some of them of international projection, as is the case of the macroseries Jezebel – which explains the entrance of the actress People of Lisbon no elenco do reality The farm 12?

The reasons may be the most diverse, since the scenario is not at all favorable for the class of actors since the impact of the pandemic that paralyzed the entire industry.

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Currently Lidi has also shone like the villain Esmeria in the replay of the award winning Mother Slave (Record TV / 2016). However, his resurgence in the media through reality after the controversial episode in which his “dislike” was wide open to Brazil after being upset with journalists during the Bible production press conference, sparks some questions.

Did the difficult genius of the actress behind the scenes contribute to your name thinking about the program? What makes an actress with protagonist status accept to participate in a program that, while showing her work, can also sink a career? Does Record TV have other plans for Lidi after the realty?

Lidi Lisboa was completely deconstructed from any vanity in reality, however, her natural beauty overrides any other factor. Lidi has a body, has personality and strong positions, in addition to exuding charisma.

All this at the same time that his fragility appears naked and raw in the video. In the first days of the program, the actress appeared scared, disjointed, lost and very insecure.

And clearly that is not your world. But it ended up pulled into the dreaded Farm this Tuesday (22) by Luiza Ambiel, TV veteran with 27 years of career. Luiza preaches feminism, but chose to condemn Lidi Lisboa in the game that she commits to her biggest rival: Lucas Maciel.

And Lidi’s reaction was, now, it was those who are ready for war. “I’ll go back Farmer and she [Luiza Ambiel] fuck you! Damn, out of nowhere? But it was good because now I woke up!“, She said after the end of the Roça formation.

Although the beginning is very questionable, his way of dealing with some group situations, rules of the game and environment, caused a real flood of memes and virals on the internet.

Those who did not know Lidi Lisboa for the more than 20 productions in which he participated, will certainly want to accompany her in her next works.

Lidi had her first chance at The Patroness (2001), from Walcyr Carrasco, but it was with the character Aline, the successful 2004 season of Workout that she stood out.

After some other appearances, she appeared for the first time on prime time at TV Globo in Paradise Tropical (2007), followed by Make Your Story (2008), Cases and Accidents (2008), Paradise (2009), Foolish Heart (2011), Full of Charm (2012) e Empire (2014), who ended his cycle at the Marinhos station before migrating to Record TV.

His debut on the radio station of Bishop Edir Macedo as Esméria was a huge success, then came Belaventura, his return to Globo as Suely de Second sun (2018), then Maria Rosa de If I close my eyes now and his return to Record TV as the protagonist of Jezebel.

It remains to be seen whether the image of the actress will be marked in the reality to the point of harming her in future work. In the last few years, there is no news that any actress who passed through the program has achieved so many successes.

Lidi Lisboa is a great actress and after this wave she lives, she deserves that her work continues to be respected, praised and requested by producers, authors and directors. Let’s hope for her!


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