After controversy with Mayra Cardi, Arthur Aguiar becomes evangelical – Celebrities


The actor Arthur Aguiar
he decided to seek a spiritual retreat after the controversial separation with Mayra Cardi, who exposed numerous betrayals by the artist. At the invitation of Simone, a duo from Simaria, he went to Estância Paraíso, which is in Minas Gerais, and was baptized there, just as it happened with the singer Wesley Safadão.

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Arthur Aguiar was baptized in an evangelical retreat

Arthur Aguiar’s intention, according to columnist Leo Dias, was to convert and the chosen place seeks to help evangelicals who are facing some problem. After being baptized at the retreat, the actor started to follow some pastors on social networks.

The conversion of Mayra Cardi’s ex-husband was confirmed by the artist’s adviser to the Metrópoles columnist, but he declined to give further details of this new stage.


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