After hiding dating, Felipe Titto finishes private life mystery


Felipe Titto talks about his private life and hands over his relationship (Photo: Reproduction)

Felipe Titto exposes career and private life

Felipe Titto today he is one of the most sought-after actors on Globo, as well as the right face for advertising brands. The businessman is successful and in conversation with Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia, he opened the game about his private life.

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Whoever is following the Famous Dance, knows that the actor is on the men’s team. Asked about his being a good dancer, Felipe Titto declared that he has no ginga, but he is willing to learn.

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The entrepreneur talked about being successful: “Wealth and success are things that vary in perspective. What is rich for one may be poor for another. What is successful for one may mean absolutely nothing to another. And the secret? If there was a magic formula, I certainly wouldn’t count. It would sell for a few million dollars. ”

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Still in the chat he opened the real about relationships. Always very discreet, Felipe Titto explained why he does not publicly assume his involvement: “There is no total or partial mystery. I don’t feed rumors, that’s all. I only understood that after my life created a media relevance, I have to shield myself from some things. And I assume that what nobody knows, nobody spoils ”.

Father at 16, the actor pointed out that it was the ‘most fantastic and life-changing experience’. Sometimes he shows his son on social media and calls attention to the heir if very young.

Felipe Titto (Photo: Reproduction)
Felipe Titto (Photo: Reproduction)

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