After two votes, Luiza Ambiel becomes the protagonist of ‘A Fazenda’ – 09/23/2020


If in the third edition of “Casa dos Artistas”, in which celebrities were confined to fans, Luiza Ambiel had a discreet participation, the same cannot be said of “The farm”. Honoring the tradition of strong women who went through the reality show as Gretchen e Nadja Pessoa, the eternal girl in the picture “Gugu’s Bathtub” has stolen the show on the show Record. First to have a conflict during confinement, in discussion with Biel, the actress has generated good moments.

After two votes, Luiza seems to be at the center of most of the attraction’s conflicts. Hit the front with Lucas Selfie when telling to RaĆ­ssa Barbosa that he didn’t root for her in the first elimination. Left on top of Carol Narizinho after hearing the ex-panicat talk about his teenage daughter. And, when questioning whether they considered it false, it became a meme because of the silence of his confinement companions. Likewise, he cited a fight from years ago between Rita cadillac e Lu Schievano as a reference to defend yourself from a vote.

The strong personality of the actress is justified. In addition to probably having heard a lot of nonsense for the way in which she became famous, Luiza, Juliano Ceglia an invitation to enter the hot tub with the men and ride in the middle of them. Companions of the bike reporter in the game tried to deny everything and make the paoa lying.

Clearly on edge, Luiza seems unprepared for the competition. She trembles and miscalculates her votes, but she still faces her rivals and realizes the obvious: that they combined votes against her. The muse of the bathtub has what is necessary to guarantee entertainment in programs of the genre and, for now, it must be considered the main protagonist of reality. And, everything indicates, it must survive the dispute with People of Lisbon, JP Gadelha e Carol Narizinho this Thursday (24).

In terms of audience, the second vote for “A Fazenda” went well. According to previous data, the program scored an average of 12.5 points against Globo’s 13.2 in Sao Paulo and came in second place. At this time, Record led in Goiania – with 13.8 points against 3 points from Globo -, Manaus – with 10.6 against 6.2 -, Brasilia – with 8.5 against 8.4 – and victory – 8.7 against 6.2.


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