Airbus A380 becomes restaurant and airline creates first class food delivery


After thinking better and after several criticisms, Singapore Airlines decided to give up its plans to fly to nowhere. However, plans to bring a different experience to the public continue. In fact, customers will have other great experiences at their disposal, albeit on the ground, the company said Tuesday (29).

And some of these attractions are: a lunch on board an Airbus A380 jet, a tour of the company’s training facilities and home delivery of meals from its first-class and business-class menus. Whatever the experience, they will be unforgettable, as the company highlights.

The airline said it developed these experiences after conducting a market study and an analysis of several factors such as environmental implications and financial viability. She stressed that she initially considered launching flights to “nowhere”, but dismissed the idea after the review.

The company’s chief executive, Goh Choon Phong, said the new initiatives will allow the airline to engage its fans and customers, even with the drop in the number of flights due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “There has been a lot of interest in our customer engagement initiatives in the past few weeks, and I would like to thank everyone for their great ideas and suggestions,” he said. “We are very encouraged and grateful for the enthusiasm and passion that we saw.”

The A380 restaurant

The scenario is an A380 plane parked at Changi Airport, which will be converted into a restaurant on October 24 and 25, with reservations opening on October 12. Although on a traditional commercial flight the large aircraft can normally accommodate up to 470 passengers, it is not clear how many “tables” will be available for the event, but he expects it to be a success.

Customers who book this package will be able to choose the cabin class in which they wish to dine and the menu will feature international cuisine and a personalized menu. Each meal will come with two free alcoholic drinks and other free drinks. Diners will have other advantages, such as discounts at KrisShop (the Singapore store) and a gift bag. Those who wear traditional clothing will receive an extra gift.

Singapore said in the note that it will take precautions to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus. These measures include cleaning and sanitizing the plane, limiting the size of the groups to five, implementing safe spacing and doing a temperature check. Both crew and customers must wear a face mask at all times on board, except when eating or drinking.

Visit to the Training Center

The visit to the Training Center will take place on November 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th. Reservations will be open from 1 November. On days, visitors will be able to chat with pilots and cabin crew members about their training and view flight simulators. They can also participate in artisanal activities and buy in-flight meals.

Those who choose to overpay can try the flight simulator that pilots use for training, enjoy a wine tasting session or go through a workshop conducted by Singapore’s cabin crew instructors.

Parents can choose an additional option for their children and provide them with a junior cabin crew experience. Children can wear the company’s uniform, learn customer service skills and act as crew members in a mock-up of the A380’s business class cabin.


Last but not least, for those who will not be able to participate in the dining experience on board the Airbus A380, it will be possible to recreate them at home using a first class and executive delivery service.

The meal, created by the company’s international chefs panel, is accompanied by a choice of wine or champagne. It will come with a first-class or business-class amenity kit and instructions on how to heat food and put it on your plates, just like the crew on board.

For those who want something even more VIP, it will be possible to pay more to book the services of a private chef who will heat, prepare and serve the meal in their homes.


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