Airline to exchange “ladies and gentlemen” for gender neutral greeting


posted on 09/29/2020 16:53 / updated on 09/29/2020 17:01

(credit: AFP)

Japan Airlines has announced that it will abolish the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” – in English, ladies and gentlemen —, which is used before onboard ads. The company will use gender-neutral expressions in an attempt to be more inclusive. The change takes effect on Thursday (1/10).

In Japanese, the expression will remain the same, since, in the language, the greeting has no gender differentiation. “We want to be a company where we can create a positive atmosphere and treat everyone, including our customers, with respect,” said company spokesman Mark Morimoto in a statement.

Another attitude taken by the company to promote diversity was to allow flight attendants to choose between wearing skirts and pants.


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