Alarms in Sweden again: – We are seriously concerned


On Tuesday afternoon, Björn Eriksson, health director in the Stockholm region, held a press conference on the corona situation in the Swedish capital. The message was gloomy.

Like Oslo, infection rates are also pointing in the wrong direction in Stockholm.

Five prompts

Eriksson believes that the inhabitants of Stockholm have begun to relax. Just over four percent of all those who were tested for corona in Stockholm last week tested positive.

We are seriously concerned and take a serious look at the situation around the increased spread of infection in the Stockholm region right now, he said, according to Swedish Aftonbladet.

Furthermore, the director said that the new infection figures indicate that the spread of infection has increased, and that the population has stopped following the advice of the authorities.

Eriksson made five calls to the inhabitants of the region:

  • Work with distance if possible
  • Exercise outdoors or at times when not so many others exercise
  • Wait with parties
  • Spend mainly time with those you live with
  • Keep in touch with the elderly and people in risk groups by phone or digitally

– This is not a disease that is so easy to deal with. For some it is just a small cold, for others it is a very serious process, and for them it is a terrible and disgusting disease, said Eriksson, according to Aftonbladet.

– It is going slowly but surely in the wrong direction

Last week, Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said that the infection rates in the country had risen slightly in recent weeks.

– It is going slowly but surely in the wrong direction, said Tegnell.

5,890 people have died as a result of corona in Sweden. 92,466 have been infected with the virus.


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