Alexei Navalny poisoned: – – May have swallowed the poison himself


The conversation between the two heads of state was held over the phone last week. Parts of the conversation are already known, but today the French major newspaper Le Monde discusses new and hitherto unknown details from what they describe as a dialogue between the “deaf”.

There are unnamed sources who have reproduced the conversation between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, and was about the poisoning of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

Sources claim that Russia’s president allegedly launched a new theory on how Navalny was poisoned:

“Navalny may have drunk the poison himself, Putin is said to have said, and is thus suggesting that the opposition politician himself was behind his own poisoning, according to Le Monde.”

A disaster for Putin

“Simple Internet Warrior”

Le Monde’s article is now making headlines in parts of the Russian press. The independent online newspaper Meduza covers the case, and so does the far larger and nationwide newspaper Kommersant, as well as the radio channel Ekho Moskvy.

Furthermore, Le Monde claims that Putin is said to have said that the neurotoxin Novitsjok is far easier to produce than many believe, and that the Russian president has described Navalny as a “simple internet warrior” who has previously staged his own illness.

Avisa also notes that Macron is said to have rejected Putin’s claim that Navalny had poisoned himself.

POISONED: Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny is in an artificial coma in a Siberian hospital. The man who has published this video claims that he is the one shouting on this plane. Reporter: Elias Kr. Zahl-Pettersen
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Harassel with Putin

Navalny himself, who is still hospitalized in Berlin, also denies this.

In a post on Instagram, the opposition politician outright harasses Putin’s alleged hint.

¬ęGood story. I think it deserves the closest research. I cooked Novitsjok in the kitchen. Took a leisurely sip from the bottle on the plane. Falt i koma. Before that, I agreed with my wife, friends and colleagues that if the Ministry of Health insisted that they take me to Germany for treatment, they would not allow it. To die in a hospital in Omsk and to end up in a morgue in Omsk, where the cause of death would be confirmed to be ‘lived long enough’ – that was the goal of my bold plan. But Putin played me. He simply can not be fooled. And as a result, I was like a fool, 18 days in a coma, but did not succeed in reaching my goal “, writes Navalny.

See this post on Instagram

“Vladimir Putin told his French colleague:” Navalny could have swallowed this poison himself. ” Good version. I believe that it deserves the closest study. Cooked “Novichok” in the kitchen. He took a soft sip from a flask on the plane. I fell into a coma. Before that, I agreed with my wife, friends and colleagues that if the Ministry of Health insists that they take me to Germany for treatment, they would not allow me to do it. To die in an Omsk hospital and to end up in an Omsk morgue, where the cause of death would be established “had lived enough” – this is the ultimate goal of my cunning plan. But Putin outplayed me. He just can’t be fooled. As a result, I, like a fool, lay in a coma for 18 days, but did not achieve my goal. The provocation failed!

Et innlegg delt av Alexey Navalny (@navalny)

The collapse of the plane

It was on August 20 this year that Navalny suddenly became acutely ill on board a plane from the Siberian city of Tomsk to the Russian capital Moscow.

The plane had to make a medical emergency landing as a result of Navalny’s illness, and the opposition politician was transported to the hospital in Omsk.

Already the same day, the apparatus around Navalny moved out and claimed that he had been poisoned. Then began a tug-of-war with local authorities to transfer Navalny to a hospital in Europe. Navalny’s apparatus did not trust that the Russian authorities would adequately investigate the possibility that he was actually poisoned.

After massive pressure, the hospital in Omsk discharged Navalny, who was then flown to a hospital in Berlin on board a hospital plane sent by a private German organization.

- Found nerve agent in Navalny

– Found nerve agent in Navalny

Germany: – Unambiguous evidence

Two weeks later, Germany moved out and said that Navalny was poisoned with nerve agent. They then described the evidence as unambiguous. Since then, laboratories in France and Sweden have also confirmed that Navalny was poisoned by Novitsjok, a military neurotoxin developed and produced in the then Soviet Union.

Russia has repeatedly stubbornly denied that the Russian authorities have had any involvement in the poisoning.

French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly asked Russia to put all the cards on the table.

He did the same in a telephone conversation he had with Putin last week:

– It is absolutely crucial that the circumstances behind this assassination attempt and who was behind it are immediately shed light on, Macron’s message was.


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