Always on the defensive … but ended up giving in! Cristina Ferreira changes the scene after a wave of criticism – National


As is your habit, Cristina Ferreira started by belittling the criticisms he received against the backdrop of his new TVI program, ‘O Dia de Cristina’. Hundreds of people wrote on social media that the scenario was not suitable for the time, it seemed “out of the 80s”, comparing it to a “spaceship” and even to the stages of Eurovision. At the time, Cristina reacted “to the defensive”, sharing images of the scenario still in model. “That’s how I saw the scenario of Cristina’s Day for the first time. I haven’t changed a line to Rui Francisco’s drawing. It is everything we imagine. Because television has no schedules. It has people to do. In the morning, afternoon and evening. They all deserve the best. Some said that it looked more like Eurovision. So wait for the next one “, he shot on Sunday.

There are all the images of the premiere of ‘Dia de Cristina’!

However, Cristina seems to have finally given in to some of the criticism that you read. In the second program, this Tuesday, the central globe no longer had the aluminum foil that so many criticisms earned it.

“We removed the candy … he died”, he started by saying, live.

“When I saw the first images and we had that aluminum foil, I thought to myself: ‘Okay, they put that paper in there to cover the part of the globe, which is not to spoil anything … and no, I was here On the opening day, we had the role here, what we really wanted was this beauty“he explained.

Cristina Ferreira’s festive look at the premiere of the new program

Even so, Cristina did not resist in show some sarcasm.

“We liked, above all, that they have made many comparisons of this studio of ours and that they even said that it looked like the Eurovision Festival. Where have you seen, for a morning and afternoon program such a grand studio, which seemed more like we were going to choose the European song here. Today we are going to have a kind of Eurovision “, he concluded, referring to the various performances that took place during the program.


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