Amazon bets on Brazil to debut discount day in South America


Global event in October takes place only in Brazil and Mexico among Latin American countries

Amazon is betting on Brazil to launch its main discount date, the so-called Prime Day, in South America. Already common in American trade, the event only happened in Mexico among Latin American countries until now.

Scheduled for October 13th and 14th, the program offers discounts on more than 15 thousand products from different categories and partners that sell on the e-commerce giant’s marketplace. Discounts depend on advertisers, but much of it should be around 30%.

Amazon holds the promotions event about a month before Black Friday, one of the main dates of the year for trade in Brazil. Common in July, the offer date was postponed due to the pandemic, and it happens simultaneously in 19 countries, with Brazil and Turkey as the first.

Prime customers, who subscribe to a plan that provides shipping and access to some books and the company’s catalog of movies and streaming series, have lower prices for Amazon electronic devices (such as tablets or home appliances with the Alexa smart system) .

Partners who offer their products on the ecommerce platform will also put products on sale at discounts. The company houses several categories in its online space -informatics, toys, home, drinks, clothing and accessories, pet, beauty, music and books.

Since opening the first major distribution center in Brazil, in January 2019, the American company has put the country on the route of successive investments, with announcement of subscription plans and other four inventory and distribution centers.

The company says that in the last months of the pandemic it hired hundreds of employees. From the first center, in Cajamar, another four were opened.

At the main office, in São Paulo, there are more than 100 vacancies. About 150 have joined the company in recent months. There are also vacancies in the distribution centers, which add up to hundreds, according to the company.

The company of Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, who reached $ 200 billion in wealth during the Covid-19 crisis, does not open country-specific figures. Brazil, however, had the largest adherence to the subscription plan when considering the first 12 months after launch.

According to Alex Szapiro, president in Brazil, the adoption chart in the country is a straight up. “We have an increasingly faster delivery plan in the country. When we launched Prime [plano de assintura de R$ 9,90] a year ago, we delivered to 100 cities in two days; today there are 400 “, says Szapiro.

The company does not usually speak of macroeconomics, so it does not say whether the emergency aid brought more subscriptions to the free shipping service, it only states that these customers are in 95% of the municipalities in Brazil. Worldwide, there are more than 150 million subscribers.

The pandemic forced some adjustments in the offer of products, such as priority to basic items, to account for the demand generated by consumers who have stayed at home since March. Unlike companies that delay investments, Amazon, as one of the most valuable companies in the world, advanced them.

“The pandemic has not changed plans. What we are doing is anticipating. Investments that we would make in year one, two or three, we are making earlier. We have a goal of fulfilling more than 98% of the delivery promise”, says the president.

During the pandemic, Amazon recorded the highest quarterly net profit in its history, with $ 5.2 billion (R $ 26.83 billion) in the second quarter, double compared to the same period in 2019.

The ecommerce giant had a 40% jump in sales, with net revenues of US $ 89 billion (R $ 459.2 billion) between April and June, a period marked by social isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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