Amazon introduces palm-sized payment system


On Tuesday (29), Amazon introduced a new biometric payment system that uses palm recognition and that can be used to replace credentials when entering stadiums or workplaces.

The system called Amazon One was advertised as “a quick, convenient and contactless way for people to use their palm to perform everyday activities, such as paying at a store, presenting a customer card, entering a store like a stadium , or at work, more easily “.

The American technology giant said it would install the system in Amazon Go retail stores, starting with two stores in the city that saw it born, Seattle, Washington.

Amazon Vice President Dilip Kumar said the system was developed as “a fast, reliable and secure way for people to identify themselves, or to authorize a transaction while going smoothly during the day”.

Amazon One uses each individual’s “unique” palm, an alternative to other biometric identifiers, such as fingerprint, eye recognition, or facial.

“There are no two equal palms, so we analyze all these aspects with our technology and select the most distinctive identifiers in your palm to create your signature,” explained Kumar in a blog post.

Amazon said that the biometric data would be “protected by multiple security controls and that palm images would never be stored on the Amazon One device”, but would be sent to a “highly secure area that we build in the cloud”.

The company said it is “in active negotiations with several potential customers”, which may include other retailers, but has not provided details.



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