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The United States is in mourning after the news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away at the age of 87.

Outside the Supreme Court in Washington, people are pouring in. Many are sad, and most wear masks. Several have taken their children with them to remember the Supreme Court judge.

One of those present is American Pat Avurano. She tells NRK that she is present to honor Ginsburg.

– She was a wonderful person and a good lawyer. We’ll miss her. We needed her in court, and I’m glad she persevered as long as she did, says Avurano.

The flags have been lowered to half-staff on the official buildings of the US capital. The sun is shining and it is clearer in the air.

STOP HIM / HONOR HER: A man carries a sign outside the Supreme Court. On one side he has written “stop him”, on the other it says “honor her”.

Photo: Veronica Westhrin / NRK

Trump will find replacement soon

Avurano says she is a little afraid of what will happen now.

The death opens the door for President Donald Trump to appoint a new Supreme Court justice to replace Ginsburg, who was considered one of the court’s four liberal judges.

– I’m sorry, and a little scared to be honest. I hope they wait until after January 20 before they have hearings about a new replacement judge. I think that was her last wish, says Avurano.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Saturday, September 18, 2020, just 46 days before the presidential election. The election of a new Supreme Court justice could shape American politics for years to come.

Earlier Saturday night, the president tweeted that he would find a replacement “without delay.”

– We were put in this position of power to make decisions for the people who proudly chose us, and the most important decision has long been considered to be the election of American Supreme Court justices. We have this obligation, without delay, the president tweets.

When the news of the death came, the president reacted with shock, saying he was sorry to hear about the Supreme Court judge’s passing.

Important in the election campaign

Trump’s opponent in the US election, Joe Biden, calls Ginsburg a “beloved figure”. He also urges that the election of a new Supreme Court judge should take place after the presidential election in November.

– The voters elect the president, and the president chooses the judge to be considered by the senate, Biden says.

There are incumbent presidents who elect Supreme Court justices, who sit until they die, or retire.

The Senate approves the judges elected by the president, and 51 votes are enough for a judge to be approved.

Attended to mourn Ruth Bader Ginsburg

GOOD ATTENDANCE: Wearing masks, Americans appear outside the Supreme Court in Washington DC to honor the late Supreme Court justice.

Photo: Veronica Westhrin / NRK

Ginsburg’s demise has thus led to political struggle in the United States. The nine judges in the US Supreme Court hold power over the American core values. Several important decisions have been made here – such as the right to free abortion and same-sex marriage.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted night to Saturday that “the Senate and the nation mourn the sudden death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her extraordinary American life.”

McConnell also promises that President Trump’s nomination will be voted on in the Senate, even though there are only 45 days left until the country’s presidential election.

Former Republican President George W. Bush offers his condolences to the Ginsburg family Message, and says he and his wife Laura Welch Bush “are lucky to have known this smart and funny pioneer.”

American politicians pay tribute to Ginsburg

Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter calls Ginsburg “a beacon of justice throughout her long and remarkable career,” the New York Times wrote.

According to the newspaper, Barack Obama, who was president before Trump, calls Ginsburg “a warrior for equality”.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was sworn in as a judge in the Supreme Court in 1993.

SWEDEN IN: In 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was elected by then-President Bill Clinton as a Supreme Court justice in the United States. She was that for 27 years, until her death in 2020.


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweets also about the death. It was her husband Bill Clinton who elected Ginsburg in 1993, when he was president.

Judge Ginsburg has paved the way for so many women, including me. There will never be another like her. Thank you, RBG, writes Clinton.

RBG is a widely used abbreviation for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Supreme Court justice has almost rock star status among liberal young Americans. Several referred to her as “The notorious RBG”.

«The notorious RBG»

Avurano explains the expression to NRK:

– It’s because she was from Brooklyn, like the rapper The notorious BIG, so it became a joke and a meme. From the news, I have realized that she liked the infamous, says Avurano.

In Brooklyn, a borough of Ginsburg’s hometown of New York, a monument will be erected in her memory, the city has Governor Andrew Cuomo announced.

At the time of writing, more than 3 million Twitter messages have been shared, mentioning the name of the Supreme Court judge.

Flowers and condolences to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

YOU MADE ME PROUD: Several attendees lay flowers at the Supreme Court. The card says “you made me proud to be American”.

Photo: Veronica Westhrin / NRK

Several users and the hashtag #RIPRBG, ie «Rest in peace, Ruth Bader Ginsburg».

For Avurano, and several other Americans, Ginsburg was important. She cared about people, says Avurano.

– I hope most Americans see her as a pioneer, who opened up the rights of everyone in this country, and women’s rights in particular. Voting rights, payroll rights, labor rights, that kind of thing. It is the main characteristic of what she leaves behind.


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