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FIRST: In the morning hours on Wednesday, the first presidential debate of three was held in the United States. Foto: Sarah Silbiger / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

US President Donald Trump came up with “an avalanche of lies”, CNN sums up after tonight’s debate. Nor did Democrat Joe Biden speak the truth all the time.

In the debate, several claims were made that were not true, both from President Donald Trump and from the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. This is the conclusion of fact checkers in several of the largest American media.

“There were times, especially at the end of the debate, when almost all of Trump’s comments were inaccurate. Most of his false claims are things he has come up with before, and which have repeatedly been fact-checked and found to be false, “sums up Daniel Dale, the CNN journalist who has almost made it his livelihood to fact-check Trump.

Here is a summary of some of the untruths and inaccuracies made by the two top politicians fighting for the presidency:

DISPOSAL: Donald Trump reached out to Joe Biden, thinking the Obama administration’s handling of the swine flu was far worse than his own follow-up to the corona pandemic. Foto: BRIAN SNYDER / X90051


Trump, om Biden: “You did not cope with the swine flu very well. H1N1. You were a disaster. “

Trump often compares the 2009 pandemic to the corona pandemic, but swine flu affected the United States to a far lesser extent than the corona virus.

Moreover, as vice president, Biden was not responsible for the national response to swine flu at the time.

By the way, the authorities under Obama’s leadership were far quicker in introducing measures against the swine flu than the Trump administration has been during the corona pandemic.

Two weeks after the first people were diagnosed with swine flu in 2009, the Obama administration declared a national health crisis, while Trump declared a national crisis seven weeks after the first cases of coronary heart disease in the United States, according to the AP.

  • Trump, on coronary vaccine: “Now we are weeks away from a vaccine”

This is contrary to the statements of America’s leading health experts.

The accredited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that a vaccine will not be available to the general public until mid-2021.

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer says that results from clinical trials that are in the final phase may be available in October. The company Moderna reports that this will probably happen in November or December for their part. Other companies are further behind, writes ABC.

After the clinical trials are completed, the results must be analyzed by the health authorities to determine whether the vaccine is safe and effective enough – and it is therefore expected that it will still take a long time before the vaccine can be used.

INACCURATE: Joe Biden also made claims about his rival candidate that are not true, especially when the topic of debate was economics. Photo: JIM LO SCALZO / EPA


Biden : “We gave him an economy that flourished. He caused the recession »

Although the economy has been stable over the past year, Biden was vice president of Obama, it was not “thriving,” according to New York Times fact-checkers.

In 2016, growth had fallen below 2 percent, partly due to more modest business investments after a fall in oil prices, the newspaper writes.

Blaming Trump for the recession in the United States is not right. The corona pandemic is the main cause of the economic collapse, and it is hardly Trump who is behind it.

Biden also said that “we have a higher deficit against China now than we had before,” although the trade deficit to China has actually fallen sharply, according to the New York Times.

  • Biden: Trump will be «First (president) in American history» who have had rising unemployment during their period.

That’s not entirely true, because if Trump were not to regain confidence, he would still not be the first. Herbert Hoover, the president who lost the election to Roosevelt during the crisis following the stock market crash of the 1930s, also ruled at a time when unemployment was only rising.

It is true that the job market has gotten worse under Trump, but it would be entirely correct to say that he will be the first after Hoover, summarizes the news agency AP.

GOAL: Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was the subject of several of Trump’s lengthy allegations. Foto: POOL / X80003


Trump: Claims to have paid “Millions of dollars” in tax the first two years as president.

A review of Trump’s tax returns over the past 20 years by the New York Times shows that Trump paid $ 750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017.

Trump, as the first president in modern American history, has refused to file his tax return.

When Trump was asked how much tax he paid in 2016 and 2017, the president replied that it was “millions of dollars” and that “you will see it as soon as it is finished, you will see it”, something he has said repeatedly times since taking his seat in the White House, the New York Times writes.

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Biden to Trump: – Can you shut up, man!

* Trump to Biden: “Moscow mayor’s wife gave your son 3.5 million”

The president launched several attacks on Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Trump served a “mixture of half-truths and lies, put together to put the opponent out of action,” the New York Times wrote.

Among other things, Trump claimed that the widow of the former mayor of Moscow allegedly transferred $ 3.5 million to a company that Republicans in the Senate believe is associated with Hunter Biden’s business partners.

Biden’s son has no interests in the company, and has not been involved in founding it, Biden’s lawyer says.

Neither the Senate nor Trump has any evidence that the payments were corruption, or that Hunter Biden has done anything illegal, sums up CNN.

MINIMUM ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORT: In 2019, Donald Trump took the United States out of the international climate agreement signed in Paris. In the debate, however, Trump claims to have done a lot for the environment. Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP


Trump: «The choice is rigged»

Voting by post is, for infection control reasons, a highly topical issue during this year’s election.

Professionals have repeatedly said that there is no reason to believe that postal voting will lead to more electoral fraud.

Trump’s own FBI chief Chris Wray said at a congressional hearing last week that they have historically “not seen any kind of coordinated national vote-rigging in a major election, either by postal vote or by ordinary vote.”

The news agency AP writes that the claim is part of a several-month-long effort from Trump with the aim of casting doubt on the election result, before the election is even conducted.

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Trump: «308,000« military people » died because Biden, when he was vice president, “Could not provide them with proper health care.”

Here, Trump probably refers to an investigation report that looked at the health of the country’s veterans. The report revealed that the cases of more than 307,000 veterans who had died remained unresolved in the system.

However, the investigation did not contain any conclusions that the deaths were caused by a lack of health care, nor is there an overview of how many of the veterans had applied for health care at all. In addition, several of the veterans were already dead when Biden was senator, writes CNN.


Trump: «I want crystal clear water and air. I want beautiful, clean air. We have the lowest carbon emissions. Look at our numbers now. We do it phenomenally »

This is, at best, not in line with Trump’s policies. Not only has Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the international climate commitment reached in Paris, but he has also removed or weakened over 100 different regulations for environmentally harmful emissions.

In terms of clean water and air, one of the laws Trump has removed is precisely one of Obama’s laws that was created to reduce pollution in US rivers and lakes. Trump has also weakened many so-called “clean air” regulations to stop greenhouse gases and toxic emissions, writes the New York Times.

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