Ana Paula Siebert says she always bitten her nails: ‘They were never beautiful’


Ana Paula Siebert, Roberto Justus’ wife, used social media to vent about the habit of biting her nails. She said that she has maintained this habit since she was a child and that she found an alternative in gel nails.

“I really fell into the temptation of the gel nail because it is very practical. Mine was never beautiful. I have always gnawed since I was a child,” explained the model on Instagram Stories.

“I never used colors because it was so short and gnawed that I just passed a ‘nude’ so no one would notice my nail. I wanted to paint colors and decided to put on gel”, she added in the sequence, saying that now she even shows more hands.

Ana Paula says she also opted for gel nails last year, but felt uncomfortable with the result. “I thought it was very fulfilled and hit things. I am a very practical person, I like to put my hand on things. Now I have chosen a shorter version”.

Today, Ana Paula Siebert also shared on Instagram a photo of her daughter Vicky’s first passport, 4 months old. “My maturity is over!” Wrote the model in the publication’s caption.


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