Analysis: courageous and organized, Flamengo plays a big role and faces Palmeiras head-on | Flamengo


A performance by great people. And the definition goes beyond the figure of speech to analyze Flamengo’s tie with Palmeiras, Sunday, at Allianz Parque, for the 12th round of the Brasileirão. With an average age of 21 at the start of the match and 20 at the final whistle, the performance was even better than the 1 to 1 for Jordi Guerrero’s men.

Hugo celebrates with Flamengo the draw in São Paulo – Photo: Reproduction

The proof of maturity of the Flamengo boys was not only given in the 90 minutes of the ball rolling. The behind-the-scenes reports point to a quiet group focused on making the game even with the back and forth injunctions until less than an hour from the kickoff. Gérson was a kind of captain without a belt, leaving the environment light in the midst of legal chaos.

In the field, what was seen was an organized and courageous Flamengo. At no time did the team find themselves cornered in front of a Palmeiras with maximum strength. On the contrary, in the initial stage, Pedro and Arrascaeta had the best chances.

Arrascaeta was the captain and conductor of the team on the field – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / CRF

It is important, by the way, to emphasize the importance of the most experienced quartet in the field. Thiago Maia, who played even with a thigh discomfort, Gérson, Pedro and, mainly, Arrascaeta assumed the expected role and gave tranquility to the youngsters.

Flamengo defended themselves with very well-adjusted and close lines. Thiago Maia floated between the first and second lines according to the depth of the attack of a Palmeiras player who found no space to create. Only Pedro was left with the mark, but it had the function of disrupting the opponent’s ball.

Pedro celebrates Flamengo’s equalizer in São Paulo – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / CRF

Of the 17 submissions from Palmeiras, few took danger and found Hugo Souza on an inspired day. Not for nothing, the goalkeeper was elected “Craque do Jogo” and was moved to remember his father in an interview.

When he had the ball at his feet, Flamengo was not flustered. Arrascaeta took over the baton, Lincoln and Guilherme Bala opened on the sides to give an option and Pedro opened spaces. There were ten submissions – four towards the goal – for a team that bothered Palmeiras at home.

With 23 absences (19 players with Covid and four injured), Flamengo was strong, courageous and organized in São Paulo. In the table, come back with a point. In moral terms, much more than that.


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