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Advantage, even, that lasted only 10 minutes. Right at the start of the match, Muriel failed badly and dropped an easy ball at Chico’s feet, who only had the trouble of pushing into the net. If Fluminense was no longer well before the goal, then it only got worse. Slow and without any creative power, the team only watched Atlético play.

Atlético-GO x Fluminense – Copa do Brasil 2020 – Photo: Héber Gomes / Atlético-GO

Odair’s team was unable to untie the tactical knot created by coach Vagner Mancini, who deserves his credit. Acting in a fast and compact way – defensive and offensive -, Dragão easily reached the tricolor area and quickly recovered himself in any timid appearance of Fluminense in the attack.

Hudson and Dodi had almost no choice and either left the sides unprotected or forced the defenders to pass to the side and kick. Attempts were often unsuccessful, since there was no reference man in the attack. Improvised as 9, Luiz Henrique could not hold the mark. Not because of you, but for playing in a position that is not yours.

Fluminense’s first half was so low that the team only finished twice on goal, the first being a blocked shot by Calegari, in the 39th minute. The second was the header from Luccas Claro, the best of the team once again, who tied the game in the last move before the break. Imagining a goal was unlikely and would hardly have come out had it not been for a set-piece: Egídio took a corner kick, the defender went up more than the opponent’s defense.

For the second half, Odair opted for Felippe Cardoso instead of Michel Araújo. In this way, Luiz Henrique was moved to the edge. Although very little has done so far, the center forward was the only 9 option on the bench, and neither Luiz Henrique nor Nenê found themselves in the position.

Luiz Henrique, Atlético-GO x Fluminense – Photo: Marcos Souza / Estadão Content

Fluminense even suffered less at the beginning of the final stage, but mainly because Atlético lost some of their gas, and tried to “cook” the game. For that, Odair took Luiz Henrique, the team’s only speed option, for Ganso’s entry, in the 15th minute. At 28, he left Hudson for Yago Felipe; and Wellington Silva by Fernando Pacheco. The last two changes hardly changed the scheme, but they were (frustrated) attempts to renew the spirits of a team that remained apathetic.

Even though it was slower and less easy to reach the tricolor area, the Dragon continued better and, at 33, reached the second goal, which would take the match to penalties. In Janderson’s submission, Muriel failed again and smashed the ball into the middle of the area, at the feet of Marlon Freitas, who enforced the famous “ex law”. The goalkeeper’s technical error, by the way, is far from the first. Against Flamengo and Bragantino, in the Brazilian Championship, he also conceded goals after being smashed forward.

At 47, Atlético-GO still reached the third goal, with a ball in the back of the full backs – from Calegari and then from Egídio – and was eliminated again in an early and frustrating way in 2020. The other was in the Copa Sudamericana, when it fell on the debut for Unión La Calera. What remains now is the Brasileirão, which, due to the 38 rounds, “requires” a squad with options, just what Odair lacks.

Sport x Fluminense Odair Hellmann – Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

In addition to the failures of Muriel and the short squad, it must be said that Odair moved badly, leaving the team in the second half even slower than in the first stage; and the bad timing of some players. Less than a month ago, Dodi and Michel Araújo were the pillars of the team. There are some games, however, have dropped considerably in production. Even so, they remain two of the main names of the team, which reinforces, even, the lack of pieces.

Wellington Silva is also not doing well. The striker could even be tested again on the right side, where he made better games, but since returning to Flu he has not shown the start of other seasons. Nenê, on the other hand, is a great finisher, not for nothing he is the top scorer of the season, but, alone, he cannot build the plays.

With lessons to learn from the defeat, Fluminense will return to the field next Monday, at 8 pm (Brasília time), to face Coritiba, in Maracanã. The match is valid for the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship.


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