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Santos’ performance against Fortaleza had ups and downs. The first half can be used by coach Cuca in future lectures, to show what the coach wants. The second, however, will enter the list of what should not be repeated. On Vila Belmiro’s score, 1 to 1.

The oscillation was expensive. After opening the scoring in the initial stage, Santos saw Fortaleza tie at the beginning of the second half and offer danger in counterattacks. Even so, Peixe still created several opportunities and failed individually.

Good for Fortaleza, who managed to take advantage to draw at Vila Belmiro.

+ Cuca praises Santos’ first half, but regrets lost chances

Santos opened the scoring with Madson. The right-back, as a center forward, took advantage of Marinho’s great cross, as a full-back, and headed without chances to Felipe Alves, even in the first half.

After the break, however, Santos had little resistance to pressure from Fortaleza. Before the five minutes of the second half, the visitors drew with Gabriel Dias, also headed, after a corner in the Peixe area.

Madson celebrates goal against Fortaleza – Photo: Disclosure / Santos FC

The defensive quartet, Diego Pituca, Marinho and Kaio Jorge were the best of Santos.

Formed by Madson, Alex, Luan Peres and Felipe Jonatan, Santos’ defenders (and their full-backs) showed quality this Sunday.

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On the right, Madson formed a great team with Marinho. In addition to leading the Santos goal, the right-back and the striker made good tables, created chances of danger and went to the bottom line several times.

Marinho in action against Fortaleza – Photo: Disclosure / SantosFC

Alex and Luan Peres, back there, showed efficiency to stop Fortaleza’s attack. In the first half, Rogério Ceni left Wellington Paulista and Romarinho in the middle of Santos’ defense. The Peixe duo, with the help of Pituca, further back, managed to stop the opponents.

Up ahead, Marinho and Kaio Jorge stood out, even with the uninspired night of Jean Mota, Arthur Gomes and Soteldo. The center forward, again, was much more than the traditional shirt 9.

Kaio Jorge left the area a lot to help Santos in creating plays – maybe that’s why he is not seen so close to the goal. And he was efficient in the role for which he was appointed by coach Cuca, to play between the defensive lines of Fortaleza.

The Santos midfield creation sector.

Formed by Jean Mota and Arthur Gomes, the medium of Peixe was not creative – Diego Pituca, further back, did not participate as much in the setting of the plays and stood out in another role.

Jean Mota, on the right, and Arthur Gomes, on the left, were well marked by the opposing midfielder and failed to make the connection between Santos’ defense and attack well. The two were even replaced in the second half.

Cuca on the edge of the field against Fortaleza – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Coach Cuca did not count on Sánchez, holder of the position, due to wear, and did not see his replacement Jean Mota being effective against Fortaleza. The midfielder had opportunities, one, even, from inside the area, and wasted them all. It was not a happy night for shirt 41.

Striker Kaio Jorge, in fact, was more participative in the midfield to help in the creation than the socks themselves.

Santos enter the field again on Thursday, at 19h (from Brasília), to face Olimpia, for the fifth round of the group stage of the Libertadores. The match will be played in Asunción, Paraguay.

The Fish re-presents itself this Monday, at CT Rei Pelé, and travels to the place of the confrontation on Tuesday, in a chartered flight.

– Photo: Disclosure


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