Android 12 will facilitate the use of alternative application stores to the Play Store


Android 12 is certainly under development inside Google’s offices, and the company has come to leave some news in this aspect that may arrive in the future version of the system.

The big news of this version of Android will apparently be the ability for users to have more control over which app store they want to use on their devices.

According to the Google statement, the company is working to make it easier for users to choose which app stores they want to use with Android 12. The company’s goal is to provide users with the ability to have more control data, while also ensuring security.

Obviously, not many details have been revealed in this regard, and the company has not exactly left details on how it hopes to integrate Play Store security into external app stores. However, it is yet another alternative that consumers will have to choose their stores as an alternative to the Play Store.

In addition, Google has also revealed changes to its terms for apps published on the Play Store, and following what is also on the Apple App Store, all Android apps available on the Play Store should now use the integrated payment system from Google exclusively.

But unlike Apple, developers are free to choose not to distribute their apps on the Play Store – as an example, Fortnite, while not available on the Play Store, can still be used entirely outside the ecosystem. Google apps if users really want it.


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