Anitta criticizes Bolsonaro: “He’s not dealing with the crisis in a good way”


During the new coronavirus pandemic, Anitta was very interested in politics. On Instagram, she even made several lives on the subject. In an interview with the NME website, Anitta again spoke about the political scenario in Brazil and gave her opinion on the government of the president Jair Bolsonaro.

“I think the president is not handling the crisis in a good way. He’s just avoiding taking responsibility for problems. During that time, I took classes on politics, how the government of Brazil works, and I did it on Instagram for people to learn, ”he said.

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The powerful one continued: “We have a voice and we who choose these people. It is important to understand what they [os políticos] are doing so that we don’t vote for them again. I would never vote for him [Bolsonaro]. But those who voted may see the problem of electing such an aggressive person who works that way. He commands and governs only for people like him and not for others ”.

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