Antonia Fontenelle poses in a very deep swimsuit and a fan comments: ” This is a sin ”


Antonia Fontenelle decided to raise the temperature on social networks, this Sunday morning, by sharing a bold click.

Is that the blonde decided to take the sunny day to get a bronze and, for that, chose a very ‘revealing’ look.

On Instagram, the presenter of ‘Na Lata’ appeared on the record wearing a very black swimsuit, showing the tattoo on her abdomen.

“A little sun on the slab!”, She wrote in the publication’s caption.

The post, of course, did not go blank and yielded a shower of praise for the famous.

“This is a sin! I have a girlfriend,” joked an internet user. “What a rich groin,” fired another follower. “I just don’t look like that because I don’t have this swimsuit,” added a third.


It seems that the relationship between Antonia Fontenelle and Giovanna Antonelli is strained. That’s because the presenter made a comment about the controversy of the casting choice of the soap opera ‘Sol Nascente’, of 2016.

It all started during a live in which Danni Suzuki revealed that he lost the role of protagonist of the plot to Giovanna, and the presenter shared Danni’s speech to criticize TV Globo.

Antonelli did not like having his name involved in the controversy. “I have never disputed or changed roles with this actress in my career. Putting my name in this situation is shameful”, she wrote on the blonde’s page.

In an interview for ‘Marcão Program’ on YouTube, Fontenelle commented on Giovanna’s speech. “I think she was upset that I repositioned the stretch [do vídeo] the other [Danni]. I am sad, because it seems that it is more of an enmity, and it is not. My feeling for Giovanna is not going to change. She was always very kind to me “, he declared.

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